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How PRK Differs from Lasik?

Blog Forums Diseases and Conditions How PRK Differs from Lasik?

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    Hi guys, Is there anyone here with a bad eyesight? I’ve always had a poor eyesight and somehow I did manage out with it. But however, these days I’m just facing too much problem with my eyes. I have opted to go into the field of animation and this includes spending hours together in making sketches and drawings. This is causing too much strain to my eyes and I have been getting frequent headaches too. I’ve been skipping a few classes too due to my terrible headaches. My teacher suggested me to take a visit to a nearby eye clinic and she booked an appointment with the eye specialist in Toronto. I have heard that LASIK surgeries are really good for a condition like mine. Can someone share the good experiences after getting LASIK? I heard about PRK too, how does PRK compare to LASIK?

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