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How to Promote Appetite?

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    Hi- This is my first forum post. I am 5’8″, 125 lbs, and have had chronic fatigue/adrenal fatigue/ complex ptsd/ a spiritual crisis or whatever the heck you want to call it for 13 years since age 18. Main symptoms= fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Childhood history of selective mutism (a social anxiety disorder). Probably life-long metabolic problems that simply reached a breaking point in college.

    I was never a huge dieter, but I became a vegetarian perhaps a year before I got sick. After sick moved into phases of raw and paleo in hopes of a cure which I always sucked at sticking with. I gave them up but continued to cling to certain ideas about bad and good foods at least hypothetically. For the last couple months I have been experimenting with truly eating whatever I want which mostly means more lots more dairy products, and sugar products than before, and drinking less water.

    My issue is I’ve been suffering from lack of appetite for the last four or so months. It is probably related to emotional stress since it got bad when I was living with an abusive sort of partner, and has continued to be bad since I broke up with him two months ago. But I am safe and in counseling, meditate, exercise, basically do all the “right” things and I still am a little revolted when I look at my food, especially if it is before dinnertime, and at dinner I eat small amounts.

    At the same time my sleep is upset. I have a more difficult time falling asleep, and toss and turn especially toward morning and may wake up to urinate, and may get the 4-6 am type awakening accompanied soon after by an ulcer-y feeling stomach, but don’t really feel like eating or moving at all. Anyone else have trouble discerning sometimes whether they are hungry or simply motivated to quash a gnawing stomach pain? That has been the case with me since age 16. Not sure if it is an ulcer and don’t really care ’cause I got 99 problems (but a bitch aint one” to quote the illustrious Jay-Z). I notice that I often dream of eating junk food too. Curious of anyone else has these dreams and if they experienced them going away after re-feeding?

    Weirdly enough I really do like to exercise outdoors, for fun. I love hiking as much as 10 miles a day a few times a week. This stimulates my appetite, unfortunately I often find myself in the middle of the woods starving all the sudden because when it came time to pack I couldn’t even think about food.

    Also as the weather has gotten colder I have a terrible time keeping warm. I find myself chilled for hours after eating and returning indoors. Obviously I can work on being better prepared (tips on favorite portable warming snacks appreciated) but what I’d really like is to get my appetite back, so I am not subject to this craziness where it takes my body reaching some extreme point to actually be able to choke down the food. Does anyone else have this sort of mixed, apathetic, lethargic, I’m-mildly-hungry-and-can-feel-my-blood-sugar-doing-crazy-stuff-but-nothing-looks-appetizing attitude that builds throughout the day until you begin to really get desperate sorta crash if there isn’t food in time or feel ravenous only to eat a relatively small amount as if your stomach has shrunken if there is food?

    Despite my terrible health in terms of exhibiting most of the signs of adrenal and thyroid issues, my temps when I am indoors and resting are usually pretty good 98.4 average with a range anywhere from 98-99, but when I am out in the cold or doing activities, or experience emotional stress such as crying a lot at counseling I start to feel very cold and my temps will begin to drop eventually into the 97’s. (Close observation has led me to believe that I feel subjectively cold before the temp drops, maybe as if my body knows it is about to run out of fuel or something). I also note that regardless of my temp being 98.6 or above 50% of the time my hands and feet are cold probably 95% of the time. Anyone else have decent temps but lots of symptoms, or decent temps but chilly hands and feet?

    Most importantly anyone have any simple suggestions for achieving a normal appetite and perhaps better sleep as well? I am averse to force feeding, but can definitely see myself eating salt as a supplement or something like that. Thanks!


    I have the same problem. Only solution that i can offer is what Matt suggested to me. Which was to eat a variety of foods. Even if they dont really seem all that appetizing. I am not saying my appetite is fully restored but I do notice a slight difference. Also you might not want to hear this but sounds like you appetite signals are not working properly due to low metabolism. You might want to consider a little force feeding to reset it.

    Human Torch

    I agree with Chen2011 about variety. Rather than eat a big plate of pasta I do better by eating a bunch of different things horderve style until the calories add up. Use tasty sauces. Go for less filling, lower fiber, less watery food. I actually have a better appetite on 3 meals a day rather than 4-6. By the time 5-6 hours has passed I’m ready to eat mass quantities. Don’t drink liquids within 1 hour prior to meal so you have room. When you do have liquids they should have calories in them such as Rice Milk (without quar gum). Most importantly only eat food you like or love! The appetite will increase if you eat a little past full every meal. The stomach expands. I’m 10 weeks into RRARF and at first it was a struggle to force the calories down in a whole hour. Now I get the food down in 15-20 minutes, (chewed well), and it’s not nearly as filling. Feels just right.

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