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pump n dump- new approach to weight loss?

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    shocking article!

    I must say this wouldn’t work for me as I don’t seem to have lost any weight while breastfeeding and in fact gained a fair bit while restoring my temperature.

    The Real Amy

    Ugh, unfortunately this article will probably give some women a new idea.

    There is really no end to the tools you can use if you want to have an eating disorder.

    For most women, however, this will likely backfire. It’s probably about the most effective way possible to deplete the nutrients in your body, because your body favors giving nutrients to the baby.


    I agree real amy, I personally think that breastfeeding without adequate calories really took it out of me, and it wasn’t a conscious thing either. I just had a taste for simple healthy foods which were tasty and filling and I thought would be best but actually I didn’t pack in enough calories to sustain me and the baby, so I lost out. It might sound odd but I’ve had to work really hard to up my calories and have seen good health return. I have had to completely adjust my tastes though and now eat huge bowls of pasta and white rice with salt (!) all of which were practically taboo for me before.

    From what you’ve said I’m hoping nobody silly reads about this and thinks it’s a good idea- it really isn’t! There’s a lot of pressure on women to instantly lose baby weight but post partum is one of the most physically demanding times you can experience and time to go easy on yourself.


    I nursed two babies and pumped several times a day for donation and I didn’t loose a single pound.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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