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Question for Matt: body temps and menstrual cycle

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    So despite the many amazing health obstacles of the past year (kidney removal surgery, celiac disease, and mono!), I have achieved some results–most notably gaining a million pounds and going from a respectable weight to having one doctor ignore my complaints because she was too busy lecturing me for being fat–by “eating the food” during that time. Now my temps look really good during my luteal phase. Over 98 all day, often around 99. However, then during my follicular phase they plummet back down to the mid to high 97s and I can’t get warmer no matter how many buckets of ice cream I scarf. I know that general pattern is normal for ladies, but should I be worried that my temps seem so low for my follicular phase? In Diet Recovery 2 and elsewhere it says that a good metabolism equals temps above 98 always. It’s hard for me to gauge my metabolism based on anything else besides temperature right now because I have been sick with unrelated ailments for basically the entire time I’ve been attempting this disordered eating recovery shindig. And I’m freaking out a little at the fact that I apparently haven’t stopped gaining weight; I thought I had, but it turns out I’m just gaining it more slowly now.


    The same thing happened to me. Previously around 97.8 before ovulation and 98.3 afterward. I just treated it as two charts.
    After about 3 months, however, my pre-ovulation temps finally rose above 98 (avg. 98.04). It actually caught me off guard because they didn’t drop enough for me to be prepared for my cycle LOL!

    I think it’s a slow process to get your temps right, and for women it takes even longer because you have to keep switching back and forth to accurately see a pattern.


    I’m curious about this, as well. My pre-ovulation temps, in the morning, range from 97.5-97.8. Is that ok? After ovulation they are 97.8-98.2 in the morning. I am able to get my temps up to 98.2-98.6 later in the day, no matter where I am in my cycle. They were higher when it was hotter out.


    Hi, homepearle

    My temps are almost exactly the same as yours 97.4 – 97.8 pre-ovulation and 97.8 – 98.4 post-ovulation. During the day I am always able to get my temp over 98.6 usually even to 99.0. I hope I am on the right track, it feels like am. It will just take more time. I wonder if their is anything else we can do to help the process?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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