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Raising body temp with wholefoods?

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    I’m wondering if many people have successfully raised their body temp by solely eating whole foods? I’m assuming processed foods give a quicker result in raising body temp? After being on a restrictive diet for a while is it ok to jump straight into refeeding or would it be better to slowly reintroduce carbs back into the diet?


    I think there have been a few that have successfully raised their temperature through whole foods exclusively, but it seems rare, slower and unnecessary. I don’t think you really need to make a distinction between whole and processed foods; it’s best to simply let your body tell you what it feels like.

    As for jumping into refeeding straight away: it depends. If you’re getting strong reactions, then it is likely best to take it slow. If you aren’t, then there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t go at it 100%.


    Thanks for your reply Alatoras. I guess i should take the plunge and eat whatever (for faster results), although it’s kind of hard when you’ve been eating restricted wholesome healing foods for a while. Having said that Matt Stone’s book has eased my mind a little about processed foods.


    Rob said this about whole foods in a previous thread –

    “When in recovery, the calorie is the single biggest ingredient for repair and restoration. By focusing on tasty foods that we enjoy and can digest easily, we’re giving ourselves the best chance to recover without having to force feed ourselves. Eating exclusively unrefined, harder to digest food can drop our appetite and slow down the restoration process.

    I’m not sure it will necessarily result in more or less weight gain; the body has its own internal signals for what its optimal fat mass is for proper functioning and hormonal signaling. Whether you get there fast or slow through refined or unrefined foods may not matter as much as just getting there, and allowing the body to shift its hormonal landscape to one favoring robustness and vitality. Given that, though, there’s little reason in my mind to remain overly wedded to unrefined foods, and it probably will drag out the process, and maybe give you more time to freak out and jump ship back to restricted eating.”


    refeed. but there is a wrong way and a right way. the wrong way: lets say you go and eat a cheesecake. well creamcheese, the primary ingrdient in cheesecake always contains guar gum or carageenan. these are strong inhibitors of metabolism and therefore, should be avoided like the plague. so eat cheesecake all day! but make it homemade so you can avoid these “shady” ingredients found in the conventional american diet.


    I recovered by eating whole foods. I tried the whole processed food/junk food/eat whatever you want approach, and I had way too many ups and downs.

    I have predictable, steady temperatures with whole foods. My lunch today was a massive plate of brown rice (soaked for 8 hours before cooking) and 93% lean beef, heated on a wok with refined coconut oil and lots of pink sea salt. Squirted a little Sriracha in there to taste.

    Breakfast was 3 GIGANTIC homemade whole grain waffles with blueberries mixed into the batter (no syrup — makes me cold), 2 cage free eggs, 2 pieces of turkey bacon.

    I have drank about 6 ounces of total fluid today in the 6 hours I have been awake. Have urinated once, and it was nice and yellow. The less I drink, the better off I usually am. I probably won’t exceed 16 ounces of fluid today. Probably less.

    My dinner will probably also be brown rice, but I have a lot of salmon I need to use up. I will be sure to salt the heck out of it and drink very little fluid, and I still stay nice and toasty.

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    • This reply was modified 10 years, 1 month ago by jaketthomas.

    In the past, I’ve seen higher temps within a month by eating lots of fresh ground (easy in a blender) buckwheat crepes (made with cream and butter), white basmati rice with black beans and pastured cheese, potatoes fried in coconut oil with lots of salt, corn tortilla soft tacos, quesos and burritos with all sorts of fillings, grass fed beef in all forms, Strauss ice cream (no additives) and popcorn popped in coconut oil. And good quality chocolate. I eat real sauerkraut with my meals when it sounds good, and only do cooked broccoli for occasional veggies, and a salad rarely. And I drink kombucha at night or some salted fresh squeezed lemonade when extra thirsty. I’m not saying this works for everyone in a very low metabolic state, but I do think it’s possible for some people to see results without overly processed foods, but only if it doesn’t stress you out to cook or eat that way. I was already used to doing this for my kids, so it didn’t add extra stress, and these foods are still a treat for me.

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