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Raising metabolism makes you age faster?

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    Insider Fuzzy

    Dr. Ray Peat talked about the idea of CR slow metabolism linked to extended life span. The CR people do not have an understanding of this. It has to do with PUFA, Saturated Fats, oxygen etc. High metabolism is the way to go according to dr Peat

    “The idea of extending life span by slowing metabolism and growth was a logical implication of the “rate of living” theory of aging, and it’s an idea that is still popular. Many people have supposed that eating less would slow metabolism. Caloric restriction does extend the life span of many species, but it generally preserves the high metabolic rate of youth, so that at a given age the calorie-restricted animal has a higher rate of oxygen consumption per gram of body weight than the unrestricted eaters.”

    “Calorie-restricted animals (on a diet of normal composition) have a lower degree of fat unsaturation in their mitochondria as they age, preserving the relatively more saturated fats of youth.”

    “With aging, the highly peroxidizable fatty acids, arachidonic and docosahexaenoic acid, increase greatly in a variety of tissues, and lipid peroxidation increases with aging. Peroxidation slows mitochondrial respiration, lowering the metabolic rate. Caloric restriction slows the accumulation of the highly unsaturated fatty acids in mitochondria, and reduces peroxidation.”

    Read the article he goes into detail:

    More studies that show increased metabolism increases life span in mammals

    Resting metabolism is not a valid measure of total energy metabolism

    Uncoupled and surviving: individual mice with high
    metabolism have greater mitochondrial uncoupling
    and live longer:

    Energy metabolism, brain size and longevity in mammals

    Age-related changes in the metabolism and body composition of three dog breeds and their relationship to life expectancy

    Body size, energy metabolism and lifespan

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    • This reply was modified 10 years, 4 months ago by Insider Fuzzy.
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