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    Matt Stone

    Hey everybody. Welcome to the long-awaited 180D forums. Have fun participating. If there’s any way that you think the forum can be improved please send an email to to share your feedback.

    If you plan on participating in this particular forum frequently,?please?introduce yourself!

    First,’take a moment to create a profile pic?at



    Omg first :3! What do I win, exactly?

    Matt Stone

    You win what’s in the box…


    Man, I thought this was gonna go way dark and that would be a clip from Se7en.’What’s in the box!!?’

    Glad I was wrong.


    I just signed up and don’t know how to start a topic but wanted to share this article on meditation and raising temps.
    You all may already know about this but in case not… this is all new to me!


    Not sure where else to put this. I have read both Eat for Heat and Diet Recovery 2. Limited personal experience seems to support the theory/fact that 98.6 F temp or higher is important, but where can I find any studies lending credence?


    Hi Matt et al,
    I stumbled across a mention of your recent book and website several weeks ago. I immediately read Eat for Heat and Diet Recovery 2 plus quite a few of the blogs here. Giving up trying to find the “right” diet for me was/is (doubt still tries to poke me) emotionally/mentally like a baby trying to take its first tentative step. I was mentally shaky. But I have seen a few positive results so far.

    I used to try to drink 3-4 quarts of water a day. I didn’t realize that maybe that is why my feet and lower legs got puffed up with fluid retention, that the loose explosive stools I had every morning were from having too much fluid in my system, or even more importantly maybe the absorption problems my blood tests are showing are all due to drinking too damned much water! Add to that, I was drinking about three cups of coffee a morning and a couple of glasses of wine every night. So, I have pulled back to one or one-and-a-half cups of coffee usually with half and half, a few sips of water throughout the day and one glass of wine (can’t make myself give this up yet). The edema is all but gone. The stools are normal again. In a month or so we will see what the blood tells us! I am SO hopeful that I show progress here. My integrative health doctor and chiropractor are both stumped.

    Also, I was only getting about six hours of sleep a night during the week and about eight on weekends. I am a teacher, so right now I am getting at least eight hours a night. In the rest recuperation phase, you say to try to get ten hours a night. How long would a person need to do this, or will it vary like everything else. I didn’t mention that at the last doctor appointment she gave me Armour Thyroid to take, and said to take two if my tiredness didn’t improve. Well, I still haven’t started the meds. They scare me. I thought it would just be better to try to get more sleep! So far, so good. I could use more energy, but maybe more exercise would help that. I don’t do much right now.

    I used to live in California and was a confirmed sun worshiper, beautifully tanned, close to the weight I wanted, enough energy for anything. For years now, I have been sun deprived and the weight has moved up and up. Of course, this summer when I have the time and have determined the need, we are having more clouds and rain than sun! Are there any tanning beds that would provide the right light?

    One more thing for now, the salt thing… I have been craving salty food for over a year in an obvious way. Sweets lost their appeal. I now see that the extra fluids had a role there. I can shake 1/8 teaspoon into my hand and lick it off and want more. How do I know if I am overdoing it?

    My morning temps are still in the low 97s. A few weeks ago I had some mid 96s. For someone who used to be 98.6 all the time, that is a bit scary.

    Thank you for your research and desire to share it with anyone willing to listen!



    I know I wrote a lot. But there were three questions in there that I was hoping someone would reply to.

    Since posting that I have had four nights now in a row of very bad sleep. I was doing wonderfully sleeping through the night or just barely waking up and doing the salt/sugar thing under the tongue and falling right back into a sound sleep. Not so the past four nights. Also, my period is at least two weeks late (NO way I am pregnant). Could there be some hormonal thing relating the two?



    98.6 the last 3 mornings. It has taken me awhile and way more weight gain than I would have liked but I am finally here. One key for me was apple cider vinegar, I just was not able to eat enough without it. Next step is increase my activity level a little at a time so as not to cause stress.


    First timer: I finally after 6 months of ETF had temps above 36.6 (I’m an Aussie) upon waking but didn’t last all week back to 36.2 ahh so frustrating I’ve gained 15 kgs everyone stares at me but I don’t care won’t give up please tell me recovery is around the corner. I am under a lot of stress 5 kids, full time study (to be a nurse),work and an injured hubby!!! Try to lower stress but sometimes hard to!! Advice anyone??


    Stress can be your metabolism killer.

    Get naps when you can. Meditate 2 times a day for 5-15 mins may help.

    I don’t have the answers as I am still working things out. I’m an ER nurse that works nights. I know stress and do what I can to mitigate it…it’s a toughie for sure.


    My body temps are great during the day- 98.6 or higher. But no matter what I do, how much sleep, not over-exercising, I can’t get my am temps higher than 97.4 upon waking. I’m on Armour thyroid for dx’d hashimoto’s disease. Other thyroid symptoms greatly improved, but not am temps.
    Any idea what’s going on?


    Perhaps you need a salty or sweet snack before bed. You could experiment by taking your thyroid medicine 1/2 hour before bedtime so you have a higher blood level upon awaking, or take half a dose twice a day, morning and night. Just a thought.

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    Duplicate. Ignor.

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