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    Thanks RichRPh-
    I do the salty/sweet before bed already – but I’ll try switching my afternoon dose to later (closer to bedtime) and see if that works! I appreciate your suggestion.


    I discovered 180d about Feb 2013. Had been searching various things because something is wrong with me. Discovered my am temp to be 95.3. Have been eating what ever my heart desires since then. Except gluten which makes my stomach blow up like a balloon. Now almost a year later I am so fat I can’t stand myself and have gotten my am temp up to at the highest 96.7. I am frustrated and fat. Less water and more salt has been tremendous at warming my freezing hands and feet. Have some good nights sleeping and some bad. I know I have inflammation issues. I hurt all over. But I am an xray tech at a busy facility. We move non-stop and lift and drag heavy objects all day.
    What now?? Where do I go from here??


    You’ve followed the eating plan to raise your metabolism, but if you are still so low, it’s time to get your thyroid tested! In fact, it’s way past time to get your thyroid tested- not just your TSH, but all tests (T4,T3, Free, and reverse tests). You need to find a good endocrinologist who considers using natural desiccated thyroid treatment.
    Also, you talk about “busy” moving non-stop…. it sounds like you are also under a lot of stress, and would definitely benefit stress relief. Recent studies are showing that body temperature can be elevated from meditation.
    But don’t ignore this… it’s more than your weight that’s at stake- it’s your health and well-being! Good luck


    Just introducing myself to the forum:

    I stumbled on “eat for heat” via some Paleo website that I’d been reading.

    It made sense to me – and I love that Matt states out right that you have to listen to your OWN body, as we are all unique.

    Just finished reading Diet Recovery II. I haven’t been on a strict diet for a while, so I’m going to see if I can get by without a major “refeeding” period.

    I have no trouble sleeping. My temps are around 97F in the morning… not terrible, but not warm enough. I’ve been paying more attention to when my hands/feet get cold, and and doing much better at staying warm since reading Eat4Heat.

    Looking forward to learning more and participating in the forum.


    I have been on Armour for years and although my waking temps are constant 98.6 my night temps drop to 97.8. Recently, I found I had underlying adrenal fatigue and started taking dessicated adrenals and some adaptogenic herbs such as ashwaganda and eleuthero root. This brought my temps up. You can do a 24 hour saliva test for Cortisol levels. Also check Dr Rind’s website about how to check if your temps are “stable” over a 5 day period.


    I have a question about the refeeding phase. I am about 1 month into refeeding. In either Eat for Heat or Diet Recovery 2, I read that our bodies get hotter around 6pm-8pm and I believe our metabolism may slow or cortisol levels rise?? I might have this wrong, but my question is during refeeding is it ok to eat the heavy foods around the 6pm-8pm window?

    My thought is when the refeeding phase is over and I’m moving into the weight loss stage, I would monitor the heaviness of the food during the 6pm-8pm window?

    Any thoughts or advice?


    At work my hands and feet are always cold, how do I determine if its me with low body temp or just a cold office?


    Hi there, really in need of some advice. First a bit of background. I had a baby this time last year, ended up c section. Was in really bad metabolic shape. Been refeeding for 10 months now, and while I have experienced heaps of health benefits, my sleep is still dismal. Some nights I lay awake unable to fall asleep, others are plenty of wake ups. Upped the everything, have salt and sugar by my bed, getting plenty of calories, and don’t go to bed hungry. Tested positive at naturopath for adrenal fatigue. I know I need to get sleep to see this through, and would really appreciate some advice. Waking temps pre ovulation are around 36.4 – 36.5, post ovulation 36.6 – 36.9, depending on the nights sleep. What else can I do?


    tilthehubscrub79 – use a thermometer to see what your core temp is. Do you warm up after eating a big lunch?

    mandybee – you might try using Dr. Rind’s temperature graph (found here: and see how your temperature is trending… see if that points to anything?


    Hi Everyone,
    I have been ?watching what I eat? (ie: restricting carbs and calories) for 20 years or so out of fear of gaining back the weight I lost in my early 20s but I am reading Matt’s books and I am going to give it a try because I am sick of being tired and in pain all the time. I have taken my temperature in the morning for the last few days and it has always been around 97.6 so I am wondering how much of a difference that 1 degree actually makes as my hands and feet do not feel particularly cold or anything.


    hi, quick question, I have never really dieted just always ate pretty well and thought I was doing well, but after reading eat for heat I took my temp, and it always was around 96-97. I am a terrible sleeper, so I am wondering if that is the cause, I am just not sure if re-feeding will help as I do eat carbs and sugar, and fat. Anyone have any suggestions. Oh and I did get blood taken before from a natural path and I had low thyroid, took desiccated thyroid but went too high so just stopped??

    Thanks for your time


    Has anyone tried short term thyroid meds to raise their temperature when nothing else seemed to work? And if so, which med, dose, etc. and how long were you on it? Thanks!


    Clarefaith- I would be very careful with taking the thyroid meds. You have NO idea how bad you can feel if you over-dose. You get terrible heart palpitations- your skin feels like it’s shaking from the outside to the inside, You can’t sleep. Look up symptoms of Graves Disease. I’ve been there…
    Have you been able to raise your temps with food alone? If not, have you had blood tests to see if you actually have a problem with your thyroid?


    Kelly- If you tested for problems with your thyroid, I wouldn’t just STOP taking the meds, but lower the dose – with the advice of a good endocrinologist or knowledgeable other practitioner. Your temperatures indicate that you are having a problem- and it’s not just about weight- un-treated or under treated thyroid can have an impact on every aspect of your health. Don’t give up if your temps aren’t normal!


    Thanks, I did have my blood taken again to see how it is, and this time I will ask more questions. I think I was in shock before as I don’t have any of the mainstream symptoms. I am a healthy weight and I do have reasonable amount if energy. If I could sleep I think I would be great. Waiting for results!

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