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Raising temperature through Metta

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    Hello Guys,

    I wanted to share an experience. It would be nice if anybody could benefit from it.
    Last week I went to a metta bhavana retreat in belgium.
    Basically it is a buddhist meditation to feel love/kindness towards everything.
    Just to not scare away anyone with buddhism:
    The equivalent in christianity would probably be the centering prayer or The Practice of the Presence of God from Brother Lawrence.
    In Islam it might be sufism, but I have no experience with that.
    I suppose HRV biofeedback is similar in the outcome, so just pick what you like :)

    My body temperature got really high after the first day (subjectively) and my appetite went down, even though I did not eat after noon. Sleep was around 7 hours per night plus 20 minutes at noon. There were around 9 hours of meditation practice per day.
    I was smil?ng most of the time and felt great. I don’t know if it was healthy, but I felt great and I wanted to share it with you guys.
    Maybe it will be beneficial to anyone.



    It sounds like a fantastic way to relieve stress!

    mighty m

    That’s so cool! This post makes me think I should try meditating again. I am very fidgety and it’s hard. Even though I’m not religious, I’m more interested in it as a spiritual practice than as a wellness one. I mean, “sensing the divinity of the universe” is a little more impressive-sounding than merely “relieving stress,” right?

    Someone once gave me a Jon Cabot Zinn sp? CD. But, I didn’t like it. His voice, unfortunately, was too much like this guy’s who perv-called me in junior high! Who knows, maybe it actually was him? KIDDING. :)

    Joking aside, that is a wonderful and fascinating story, Nureg.


    Nureg, if you felt great then I’d feel like it would be safe to say it was healthy.;)

    I love the philosophy of Buddhism. I personally feel like it’s completely compatible with Christianity. The core belief of Buddhism is actually non-religious, although its hard to convince some people of that. When I read the core teachings of Jesus I see so many similarities that it’s hard to deny that these two men were tapping into some form of universal truth. I always have felt that a lot of Christians would do well for themselves learning some Buddhist meditation techniques and incorporating them into their worship.

    One of the big teachings of both men is to ” chill out it’ll all be good “. I am of course paraphrasing :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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