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    Hi everyone!

    I’m 34 yo female, just discovering The diet recovery and Eat for heat, after about 6 years of high fat low carb and a lot, I mean A L-O-T of water.

    I wasn’t doing too bad on the high fat (may be because it wasn’t extreme, and I never really restricted calories – on the contrary), but I was nauseous with both my pregnancies, especially the second one – I was actually vomiting twice daily for almost the entire time, I was tired and unhappy. My sodium levels were low all the time, despite all salt and sole that i was drinking/eating. Why didn’t I just stop drinking tons of water?! It wasn’t the dream pregnancy … Anyway. After a had my baby, my mom noticed that a part of my right eyebrow is starting to fall.

    I started taking supplements and Chinese herbs, and happily decided to actually read Matt’s books. They were sitting in my computer for a while…

    Random thought n1 – I started eating more carbs, and I’m pretty sure that I’m eating fewer calories now, I just don’t feel so hungry… I’m trying to kind of stuff myself, because I’m breastfeeding etc…

    Random thought n2 – my temperature is improving every day, but this morning, despite the 37C, I was cold, and my hands were cold. (May be because it was 14C at home… but at the same time my husband was hanging around barefoot and bare bottomed ant hot…).

    Random thought n3 – I didn’t know that I love to drink sooo much. I mean, sometimes I’m not thirsty, but I would need like I want to drink something… Weird.

    Random thought n4 (and a question). Today I had to walk about 2 hours, it was a sunny day, not very hot, but very dry wind, and my lips and my throat (mot my mouth) got very dry, and I was very, very thirsty… What to do on days like this? What to do in a really hot weather (I live in Queensland, Australia) – beverages with salt (and sugar)? anything else? I don’t believe I would survive with less than 2l of fluids in summer (I drink about 1l now), and summer is really close, and I need a plan (just drink when thirsty is not quite working at the moment).

    There is more, but my baby just woke up…


    Well, today wasn’t exactly a good day for my temperature. Last night I woke up and I think I was just hungry. I think I still can’t figure out how much to eat and for some reason I have no appetite. I’m trying to eat more than I want, but apparently it is still not enough… I first tried the salt and sugar thing, but it didn’t help. Then I ate some sweet potato, meat and a banana. Still didn’t fall asleep…

    I was also trying to figure out how much fluids to drink. Today I decided not to dring, but to eat juicy veges/fruits. So I had a really big red pepper with breakfast and about 200grams of strawberries until 2pm. Well, my temps were about .5C or more less than the days before.

    I find it quite frustrating, and I fell like I don’t know what to do, what to eat, how much to drink etc…

    May be I was also a bit overtired from too much walking the day before.

    When i started, I was adding salt to all my drinks, which I stopped a few days ago, because I fell like I drink so little, and I can’t even taste my drinks, and… I also stopped taking my supplements to see what the actual color of urine is, and I think it is fine (yellow).

    Interesting observation – when I have lower temperatures, I have less breastmilk ( I express every evening and in general, the higher the temperature, the more breastmilk I can express).


    Thanks for the comment regarding breastfeeding. I am ecologically breastfeeding my four month old son, and I am worried about reducing my fluid intake, though my only issues with supply have been oversupply. I am thirsty, and I don’t like drinking whole milk because of the yucky feeling it leaves in my mouth. I have never liked juice in my life and don’t like the carbonation of soda so for that reason and others I never drink it. I really prefer water. I have added sole to it sometimes, but don’t know how much I should add to avoid overdoing it and making myself thirstier. Must I really avoid water at the start?

    I am just starting this week. How long does it take to notice significant changes in temperature and urine color? For the most part I am peeing less frequently, but it is still very light to clear. I rarely notice cold hands and feet, but maybe I have just grown accustomed to it and need to start paying attention. I wear my baby and cosleep so sometimes it feels like I have a little heater on me all the time and I am the one in the household who gets too hot.

    This is such a foreign idea I have a hard time implementing it, though it sounds so simple! I would be much more comfortable experimenting if I wasn’t breastfeeding, but I will probably be doing so for years to come!

    I would appreciate input from anyone, thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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