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Why the raw carrot?

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    I’ve seen a few references to eating a raw carrot a day. Is it a Ray Peat thing? I’m not familiar with his “diet” or view besides on here (that’s the first time I heard of him). I did a quick google and saw that it’s for the benefits of the fiber in the carrot. Anyone have good results eating the raw carrot? And does it have to be eaten before anything else? What does it do to your temperature if eaten alone? Thanks!


    Yes, it’s a Ray Peat thing. The fiber in the carrot, particularly a shredded carrot, helps clear out bacterial endotoxin. What it does to your temperature will vary by person.
    Some practitioners say to eat it alone, I think so other food doesn’t inhibit its function. However, other practitioners say to eat it with other food so it doesn’t drop your blood sugar. Try it both ways and see what you like.
    You can shred it, add some coconut or olive oil, apple cider vinegar and salt– it tastes good that way and those extras act as HCL to help digest the carrot. Or you can eat it without or in something else.

    I did the shredded carrot for a year. Crazy digestive issues for about the 1st 2 months on it, and then my digestion was pretty awesome. However, I turned orange after eating them every day for a year (it was pretty mild, but acupuncturist noticed my palms were orange).

    If you get tired of carrots or happen to turn orange, you can switch to bamboo shoots which are supposed to do the same thing.


    AnnaB , +1 on the carrot salad. I do mine with the coconut oil. I think it tastes better than the olive oil. I shred three or for large carrots with a grater and add three table spoons acv and one large tablespoon of melted coconut oil. I really like the taste of it. Although I don’t eat fast food a lot, chick-fil-a has a tasty carrot salad with raisins in it.

    Matt Stone

    Yes, for its antimicrobial properties. I rarely mention anything about it except in cases where bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine (SIBO) seems highly likely.

    The idea is that carrots have a natural antibiotic property that allows them to live underground without getting eaten alive by bacteria. By eating them raw you can kill off some of the bacteria in the upper portions of the digestive tract where bacteria do not belong.

    Some research suggests that the less bacteria in the gut the better, running contrary to the widespread fetish in alternative medicine for “probiotics.”


    I’ve also read/heard that it helps rid the body of excess estrogen. Since those of us ladies who have low metabolism/hypothyroid are estrogen dominant, guess it could be helpful in that way, too.


    They apple cider vinegar itself will do enough to clear out any bad bacteria in the gut, especially the organic one with the mother in it.


    Thanks everyone!

    I had really low estrogen the last time my labs were taken and my estradoil was in the post-menopausal range even though I’m only 31 and not in early menopause. I’m hoping and assuming that everything is normal now since I’ve had two periods in a row but I may just skip the raw carrot for now. I used to probably eat at least one raw carrot a day probably more on average as my snacks consisted of raw veggies and my lunch and dinner were huge salads.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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