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Your 'Ray Peat' Dietary experience

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    Have any of you eaten a strict ‘Peatarian’ style diet?
    Whats your experience?

    I spent about 8 months eating a peat style diet. I was coming out of 2 years of Paleo and my temperature was down around 35.4 when I started.

    I made some good improvements in the summer to the point where I could return to rock climbing, go camping with my friends. But as soon as the winter hit I felt like shit again.

    I found starches worked a lot better for me.
    Drinking all the liquids made my hands and feet freezing cold.
    I enjoyed drinking coffee I must admit, but since Eating for Heat I no longer desire coffee at all.
    I absolutely love dairy and crave milk all the time.

    I still use ‘Peat’ foods as my base line I guess. I think my ‘go to’ meal would be Eggs, Potato, OJ.

    I just found I felt like I was in dietary prison. Food choices when I went anywhere go even harder. There was so much preparation before I went anywhere or did anything so that I could stick to my ‘diet’. I started stressing even more about PUFA.

    I dont doubt that it works, I just feel it made me even more stressed and orthorexic.

    Whats your experience?


    I was on a Peaty diet- 8-12 months- I still incorporate some of the principles (eat liver, egg shell calcium, magnesium, some OJ, etc). My biggest problem was I could never get enough calories in because I’m intolerant to most of the “acceptable” proteins: dairy, eggs, gelatin. I can’t get my body to handle them. I can’t eat white fish or oysters for 3 meals a day, every day.
    Otherwise, some of the principles seemed to work for me sometimes, but I couldn’t get everything to meld on a regular basis. I’m sure part of the problem was that I just wasn’t eating enough calories. Maybe more straight up sugar would help lower my intolerance to those proteins??

    I OD’d on liquid (mostly broth), and I also turned orange from the daily carrot. But the carrot made my digestion pretty awesome.


    Nothing got me to hate OJ more than trying the Ray Peat diet.
    Seriously, though, I do like OJ, but I find I can’t stand the taste anymore unless I add 1/4 – 1/2 tsp of salt to it.
    I’ve read most of his articles, and those of his disciples. I’ve tried some of the things that seem sustainable and make sense- i.e. better balance of amino acids (more gelatin, less muscle meat), more sugar to starch, trying to get more red light, raw carrot when I remember. And *gasp* refined sugar (my old self would be spinning in his grave). It’s been several months of doing this. Can’t say I’ve seen any noticeable difference.
    My biggest dietary influence before was WAP. (He still is a big influence up to a point). There can be considerable overlap between Peat and WAP (note: I purposefully didn’t say WAPF), if you have an open mind, so that made the “switch” a bit less psychologically painful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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