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    Usually I make lots of jokes, but this isn’t one of them. I just couldn’t think of another Forum in which to put this.

    My time on 180degree Health Forum will soon be coming to a close. My jokes are getting stale (ok, maybe they always were), and I’m feeling beat up. Maybe time to move on soon.

    However, I do want to say something about The Real Amy. I’ve teased her for a long time now and been annoying. Now I have seen that one picture of her and am sure that she is indeed a real beauty, however, the trait of hers that I appreciate the most is that she’s a very good sport. She’s put up with me and always demonstrated good humor. Not once (at least to my knowledge) has she become cross with me. I hope that is because she understands that I’m just being playful. Anyway, I really, really appreciate this quality about her. It is a quality possessed by few. I always look forward to her comments, and she’s one of the main reasons I come here so often. Thanks!

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    I am in complete agreement with you about TheRealAmy, Thomas.
    She is indeed a good sport and that is absolutely a pretty rare trait these days. :)

    That said, I am sorry to hear that you are leaving.
    The opportunity to engage in banter with you and Steven is the only motivation I have for posting here. I think that you are a funny dude, myself. (Maybe I should say “humorous dude.” I don’t want to create any more misconceptions.)
    BTW-You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to, of course, but I was wondering…
    You mentioned feeling like your jokes were getting stale and feeling “beat up.”
    Was this feeling perhaps initiated by your exchange with “Jennae” in the “How to Make Boobs Bigger” comment section?
    If so, don’t let her get you down, my Friend.
    FWIW-It seems to me that she could very well be one of the “Humor-Imparied persons” we have talked about previously.


    @Ironrod, thank you for the kind words. I am also happy that you appreciate the Real Amy as much as I do. I am sure that others do, too.

    I am not going to blame anybody for feeling “beat up”. For one thing, it’s cumulative, and I would say that it is more attributable to the medium than any person. I mean, when you try to express a complex idea or even just play around, it’s bound to be misunderstood in a medium which by its very nature favors the equivalent of sound bytes. I am talking about comment boards on the Internet in general, not Matt’s board specifically. In fact, I would say that this is among the best Web boards on the Internet.


    Sad to see you go. I’ve been checking in on this site for several years now, and your comments have always been some of my favorites. Even though you are leaving the forums, I sincerely hope you’ll continue to post elsewhere on this website. For whatever it’s worth, I have never thought that your jokes were stale.

    Also, regarding whether or not you’re an asshole. (My apologies, I feel compelled to comment on this.) I personally think that simply because you acknowledge that you’re an asshole, very possibly makes you less of an asshole than you may think.

    All the best, Thomas Seay.

    The Real Amy

    When I saw this thread title I expected the worst lol. Thanks for the compliment, Thomas! (and ironrod!) People say the same about me in real life, too, so I’m glad it translates online.

    Thomas, are you leaving because people think you’re a “softie”? Seriously, though, you’re hilarious and one of my fave people on here. I hope you decide to stick around!


    Thomas-You are welcome, Sir.
    Yes, I certainly do appreciate her and I’m sure that many others do to.
    I too hope that you will reconsider leaving, as I enjoy your posts.
    That said, I do understand what you are saying, as I have had similar feelings about other forums in the past.
    If you still decide to leave, best of luck on your journey and I hope to see you again somewhere. :)

    TheRealAmy-You are most welcome! :)


    Picture? Where? Now I’m getting curious :P

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