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recipe: high protein soup low in methionine

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    I just received an order of GL powdered gelatin yesterday, and I made a decent soup with it that I wanted to share. My goal was to keep protein reasonably high, while limiting the amino acid methionine (as well as tryptophan) that is usually high in the American diet. I’ve recently looked at evidence that methionine can be toxic in large quantities, and I noticed that both Ray Peat and many life extension enthusiasts have written about restricting it. It’s present in large amounts in most animal products and grains, but low in gelatin, fruit, and legumes.

    So here’s my recipe (with portions dictated by personal preference):
    bullion cube
    powdered gelatin
    diced tomatoes
    olive oil
    sriracha hot sauce
    garlic powder
    celery salt
    corn starch

    Most of the ingredients are just for flavor, and the only “mandatory” items would be the gelatin and lentils. The gelatin provides amino acids to balance out any animal products in the rest of the diet, while the amino acid profile of the lentils balances out grains, as well as providing soluble fiber for digestion.

    The soup tasted great. The gelatin provided a richness that was almost as good as when I used to boil bones for 24 hours. It almost felt like cheating!


    We typically use GL gelatin to make homemade jello. 2 tbsp of gelatin to 2 cups of juice. Warm up the juice on the stove, then slowly stir in the gelatin. Then pour into a container and let cool in the fridge. We use silicone backing cups, so its easy to get out and clean up.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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