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Recipe – Portable High Calorie food for Travel

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    I’m looking for a recipe of something that I can eat all day on a rare occasion when I’m too busy to cook and no restaurants are available.

    Here are the requirements:
    1. Sufficient carbs, protein, and fat for satiety
    2. Doesn’t make a mess, crumble, or require cleanup.
    3. Doesn’t require refrigeration – can leave at room temp all day long and still be good.
    4. Easy to prepare a big batch at home
    5. Easy to eat – doesn’t require a fork or spoon – can easily be eaten in a car while driving.
    6. Calorie Dense

    Any ideas for recipes that meet this requirement? I don’t care if the recipe is tasteless. I’m looking for convenience here, not taste. Something like rat pellets but for humans.


    Sounds like the question me and my husband had when recently we went on a low budget city trip. I made bars by mixing

    ground nuts (raw macadamia’s and almonds)
    shredded coconut
    ground dried fruits (I seem to remember figs and apricots, but anything goes)
    lightly toasted and finely ground amaranth
    coconut oil
    raw cocoa powder
    agave syrup
    sea salt.

    I mixed everything and baked the dough in the oven (would do shorter next time). I think my bars met all of your requirements, while being rather tasty too.

    Disclaimer: don’t use a Vitamix trying to mix this stuff! Mine soon began to smoke. The food processor however did a fine job.


    it depends on your definition of room temperature, but I would make tortilla, (the spanish one) with plenty of cheese too.

    sip juice with it and I think it would meet your 4s.


    I’m sorry if this is an obvious suggestion. Juice with a peanut butter and jelly sammy. I have this all of the time for lunch, and it comes in at about 1,000 calories (I use as much peanut butter as the bread can hold).


    Thanks for the suggestions. I think I’m going to make some sort of bar.

    I’m considering the spanish omlette too. I think as an experiment I’m going to make one, leave it at room temperature for 24 hours and see if it still tastes fresh. I’m going to try to eat it with my fingers to see how messy it is.

    I thought about PB&J but in my experience it can be messy if you put too much Peanut Butter on it. But if you don’t put enough on it doesn’t taste that good.


    If you make tortilla right it is solid


    Caramel apples with peanuts :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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