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Recovering from Paleo, Desperate for answers

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    Hi guys, I am in desperate need of help here, please give me all/any input you have.
    I am female, 33 years old, 5?9 and weigh about 230lbs

    June 2012 to May 2013 I did a Paleo diet. I was pretty strict while doing it but would slip up about once a month and eat some type of fast food/junkfood and then go right back to Paleo. During the first few months I felt fantastic tons of energy, hormones were stable, sex drive through the roof, no cravings, no headaches nothing. Then something happened. Around the 2 month mark I started having symptoms like anxiety attacks, light headed, weird headaches, depression, mood swings, hormones went wacky, and I began having extremely oily skin and hair. I felt like I wasn’t strict enough and began getting stricter and stricter with myself and the symptoms just kept getting worse. Finally I decided I had to end this cycle when I woke up one morning with eczema rashes in random places, including around my eyes (WTF!)
    I feel I should point out that during this whole time I only lost 8 pounds and not a drop more.
    That brings me to May 2013 when I went back to eating the food again. I did not however eat anything that was packaged/processed at all. Everything is homemade including bread products. I felt fantastic and everything I was experiencing went away. After about 2 months I decided I needed some junk food/fast food in my life so I began eating out about once a week AND allowed more processed things in my life. BIG MISTAKE!! I have horrible daily headaches now PLUS, when I am ovulating or its TOM I get BAD migraines. This has been going on for several months now, 6 to be exact. I basically live on Advil(bad I know). I have weaned myself off of the Advil and end up going back on it after about a week because of the headaches.
    Now let me explain something. I did NOT have this problem before embarking on a Paleo diet. Hubby and I would eat out whenever we felt like it without any side effects. Plus I could buy things like instant oatmeal, cereal and packaged bread and the random oreo /dorito/pepsi without having any effect what so ever.
    I cannot even take the whole food vitamin I was taking for a year before going Paleo because it causes side effects now.
    UGH, can someone please tell me what is wrong with me?!! Is this ever going to get better or am I doomed to a life of living in the dam kitchen?!!


    I had the same problem – I cut out so many things that when I started eating like I used to, I noticed various reactions. I just kept on with it and eventually the reactions subsided.


    Do you think going Paleo somehow messed with your gut bugs? Maybe a full spectrum pre/probiotic would help balance things back out again quicker??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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