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    Scott Slifer-Mosher

    Looking back on my metabolic recovery there are a couple things I would have done different that would have helped me recover faster had I known them at first:

    1) Food is not everything. Most people who suppress their metabolism accomplish ( I use that word lightly) a lot more in terms of damage than they think. In addition to be deprived of calories they are also deprived of sleep and adequate muscle recovery ( this applies to the brain as well).

    What I would have done differently in the beginning of RRarfing/diet recovery/metabolic recovery.

    – slow down on eating so much that my stomach would burst and instead focus on establishing a normal circadian rhythm. Eat Sleep Rave Repeat. I underestimated the importance of sleep recovery in the beginning stages in addition to calorie recovery. Sleep loss can lead to a suppressed metabolism, go figure. Sleep more, focus on food when enough rest has been achieved, muscle’s have relaxed and enough glucose and oxygen are being delivered to the brain.

    – Hold off on alcohol until you are rested and well fead to deal with this metabolically crippling yet awesome substance

    What I wouldn’t change

    – juice and sugar drink consumption
    – Intuitive Eating habits
    – lack of exercise

    Just needed to slow down and rest a little bit more and have a little bit more patience. The road would have been much quicker and effortless.

    If you are in beginning stages it’s hard to feel this out because you are so hungry but the minute you feel tired, try and rest. I once slept for an entire day only getting up to drink water and use the restroom. Rest of the time was spent resting and allowing my muscle to finally get the energy they need to relax recover and breathe normally.


    Didid you ever discover that all food started to taste bland? I experienced this. It is why I stopped stuffing my face. Eating wasn’t enjoyable for me. How do I avoid this but continue recovering?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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