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    matt –
    just came across this whole deal of yours and i am intrigued. i know that so much of the emotional is tied up in our eating and all entwined in our health issues. that said, my 30+ years of off and on recurrent uti’s are very real at age 52. eating white refined sugar + having sexual intercourse = uti for me. i have heard that other women have had similar experiences. sometimes just eating sugar will cause a uti. then it’s the dreaded course of antibiotics that kills the good bacteria, and the whole vicious cycle continues.

    i have never had a weight problem but i frequently overeat to the point of being uncomfortably too full. i grind my teeth at night and i often experience incontinence.

    so i am on the candida/body ecology diet/don’t feed the yeast merry-go-round. i’m ready to jump off but need reassurance that i will not be “feeding the yeast” by eating whatever i want including white refined sugar. i am pretty afraid of getting another uti which could go into the kidneys and end up in the hospital (it’s happened before). i have a lot of the classic candida symptoms: those recurrent uti’s, itchy ears, brain fog, abdominal bloating, mild eczema, cold extremities, arthritis-like symptoms,”fogged-in” feeling, inability to concentrate/mind “wanders off”, poor memory, confusion, carbohydrate cravings, irritability, mood swings, reduced libido, sugar cravings, etc.

    i just ordered ‘eat for heat’ and i think i’m going to try the stuff you’re talking about but continue using maple syrup and coconut sugar instead of the white refined sugar. how does that sound to you? please let me know any suggestions you have and what you recommend.

    i am ready to let go and keep an open mind. i am ready for health and enjoyment.

    thanks in advance.

    Hannah Ransom

    I don’t have much for you in terms of the eat for heat realm, but I assume you use all preventative measures to avoid getting UTIs? I have heard nettle infusion can be great, obviously cranberry.

    Have you ruled out interstitial cystitis?

    Some people with recurrent UTIs end up having that without knowing (it’s not diagnosed as much as UTIs).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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