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    Just curious as to how the boys are doing.
    I am 26. 5’8″. 68-ish kgs. 27″ waist. Im not scrawny, i fit comfortably in the bmi indexes, but i do see myself as underweight. I would look and feel alot healthier with a bit more muscle and fat.

    So fellas, did you start out overweight or underweight? what sort of effect has refeeding had on your physique, energy levels and workouts? If you stopped workouts, how long did it take for you to resume? Are you gaining weight drastically? is it more muscle mass or fat.

    Matt, do you notice any difference between males and female clients refeeding? do men need more calories? macros? or does it vary by individual regardless of gender


    I’m a 33-year old guy and my BMI is in the overweight range. My build is fairly average for my age: a bit of a belly, but basically fit looking.

    When I experimented with a high calorie diet in the spring, I gained a ton of weight (reached BMI 30), and the weight was a combination of fat and lean mass. It was far from ideal both aesthetically and athletically–and I cut most of the weight this summer through dieting and exercise. I think refeeding must be done strategically to avoid unwanted fat gain.

    I’m trying again with a modified high calorie diet (still no restriction, just different ratios) and I’m also running and lifting weights instead of just resting. I can’t report much else yet because I don’t know the long-term results–but short term, I am seeing amazing progress in my energy levels and endurance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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