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Retching – is this normal?

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    I am 6 months into recovery from 3 years low carb which left me in a mess :-(. I turned 40 this year (just when my life went down the toilet instead of life beginning!!!) I am female, 5ft4 and have gone from 124 lbs to 185 lbs (yuk!) but hey, my temps are up (prob not quite enough) but are never under 36.5 now and usually is at 37 by the afternoon, my anxiety is mostly gone, my hands, feet and nose are a lot warmer than they were and my hair is starting to get some extra growth! However one of the things that has been most elusive has been sleep. I usually sleep in chunks of 1-3 hours and when awake in between it can be anything from a few minutes to a few hours. The mixture of salt & sugar under the tongue never works and I have to get up and eat sandwiches, yoghurts etc to get back to sleep. I was eating between 2500-3000 calories as anything more was just too difficult. Then someone on the forums (in a sleeping category) suggested I should try to eat more. So I started adding extra meals or bigger meals in order to push it over 3000 calories every day. Here’s the thing…last night I actually slept from 10.30pm to 4.30 am…whoop whoop, that is the longest chunk of sleep I’ve had in a long time :-) However, I now spend a good deal of my time retching, which is not pleasant. I am never actually sick but get the liquid in my mouth as if I’m going to be (sorry for the detail!). This happens when I get up, when I’m going to bed and anytime in between. Is this normal? Am I eating too much? Will it pass or should I eat less? Aaaaggghhh, it’s so frustrating but at the same time am so happy that I slept! Would really appreciate any advice.

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