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    Does anyone else occasionally get Reynaud’s?

    I have had attacks when severely hungover, after a long day of drinking and.. today, after drinking a green juice and eating soup for lunch.

    Curious if anyone else has this and what brings it on.

    I’m off the green juices for now until my body gets healthier. Nothing but pancakes and ice cream!!!


    Mine wasn’t occasionally… Well, it started out that way in about 7th grade. But when I got to high school, my hands were almost always purple and changing colors. But since I’ve been eating for heat, it only happens very occasionally (example: getting something out of the freezer). Where as before, I was having symptoms in 90 degree weather!

    The Real Amy

    I had mild Reynaud’s for awhile. Eating a lot of salt helped, I think, but it’s something that I think it just connected to poor circulation and poor metabolism. Will probably get better as you heal.


    Yep, I ate a TON of salt for dinner (BLT w/ avocado and chips) and felt warm and no longer have the sexy blue fingertips.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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