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Ringing sound in the ears!

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    I am really fed up with my current condition. I have ringing in my ears for two months. The noise is sometimes loud and sometimes quiet, but always there. While hearing this sound, I lose my control and become irritated. I consulted a doctor and he told me that it was an ear infection. He prescribed an antibiotic to reduce infection. I took two courses of that antibiotic. But, it didn’t improve my condition. Still, I am suffering from that ringing like sound in my ears. I told this to one of my friends. She suggested a clinic in Toronto that provides hearing healthcare services. I am planning to take an appointment there. But before undergoing the treatment, I would like to know more about the condition. If anybody has any experience like this, please tell me what is this condition. What treatment have you taken for this? Is there any home remedies to prevent this? Please let me know.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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