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RRARF for 8 days – 1st "normal temp" tonight!!

Blog Forums Raising Metabolism RRARF for 8 days – 1st "normal temp" tonight!!

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    I noticed the last couple days I’ve had to take my warm hoodie off after dinner cause I was too hot. Took my temp after dinner tonight and it was 98.75 degrees!! Very excited… :) I started RRARF on December 2nd with my temps in the low 95’s, and going as low as the 92’s before bed…

    Other improvements:

    Went from over 20 years of chronic insomnia to sleeping hard for 10-12 hours a night the last three nights.

    Went from years of alternating between diarrhea and constipation to 2 big, easy-to-pass normal bowel movements on day 7.

    Went from painful daily heartburn, bloating and intermittent stomach pain to being pain free by day 7.

    Went from fluctuating crazed feeling of severe food cravings (carbs, salty, crunchy, sweet) to none at all by day 5.

    Went from over 20 years of eating no food till late afternoon (2-4:30 PM), loads of headaches, little appetite, small servings of food, frustration with gaining weight no matter how little I ate, to eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up, no headaches, normal to large sizes of food portions, weight went up till day 6, started going down today on day 8.

    Last 2.5 years I’ve felt weak and fatigued from even the smallest amount of physical activity. No energy, no desire to be active. Yesterday I climbed a big hill and was barely winded. Felt strong, energetic and fit and wanted to keep walking (climbing all the stairs up to our house on a hill has paid off!!).

    Other issues I hope to see improvement on over the course of doing RRARF: chronic hay fever and food allergies (soy, wheat, carrots, hazelnuts, MSG, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, something in processed dairy). Also have some joint and muscle pain in my hip, lower back, neck & shoulders that have been twinge-ing a lot the past few years, sometimes flaring up into full blown excruciatingly painful muscle spasms. I have PCOS and lots of hormonal issues related to that, too much estrogen, not enough progesterone, irregular cycles, major mood swings (still experiencing those).

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