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    Overcoming eating disorder, gaing from BMI 12 to 20, and – saddle bags and flat butt. What to do? i look slender all over, but upper thighs where it looks like I’m saving something for later or so… Like a big ball or something. Lower half of thighs is skinny. I am not amused. This is what has driven me into anorexia sometimes and it feels hard right now (but from what I learned about metabolism, I will keep from relapse I think).

    I tried squats, but feel nothing in my glutes, just front legs. And I CANT keep knees not reaching utside the toes, if I do not want to fall backwards. Seams I cant get them correct.

    I tried clamshell stuff and the exercise where you stand on all four, lifting a leg up against the roof. This feels in the right place.

    But do you have more ideas of what to train to get muscles that sculpts and lifts the butt so that the sagging stuff and saddle bags does not look so bad?

    And why do I have saddle bags? Do I have too much estrogen as I found at one site? When I have been anorexic, saddle bags are still there, until I reach BMI 12 or so, IF I keep my menstrual cycle, which I did when I was younger. But last relapse, i lost it early on (getting anorexic on lowcarb surely puts everything out early on) and lost my saddle bags at BMI 17. Does this point to that I have too much estrogen when not starving, and gets those saddle bags?

    I read tips about rasing metabolism to release fat and yada yada, but thats not the problem since I am not overweight at BMI 20. Loosing weight all over would not be a good idea. I can loose some kilos, but that will hardly affect the saddle bags.

    I think sculpting is one way to go, at the same time as I need to know if some imbalance is causing those to form, or if it is just genes.

    So, post your best exercise tips for sculpting to get rid of saddle bags and sagging bottom in an 43 year old female that has relapsed in uncountable severe anorexic periods for 30 years (this is really contributing to sagging I think).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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