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said reasonably.

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    Did not dare pass eyes appeared a glimmer of surprise, it touches the Toyota Center fans gave Zhou Wu cover at this time of applause. Zhou Wu looked at Shane has ran the ball halftime, a strong rejection of the past, Shane Zhou Wu received a long pass, ass a stick, the stick Reid to prevent him from behind cover, Cheap authentic jerseys, a simple layup.

    66:46, back to two points difference is. Zhou Wu a play, the field situation under control immediately and the Rockets. Did not dare pass once again pushed the ball in front of Zhou Wu. For the last capping Zhou Wu, who did pass my heart a little trance. This time, everyone pass wiser, he even passed the ball to stand in 45-degree angle of Yi Jianlian.

    Yi Jianlian entire first half, only to get a quarter, or first obtained. This time got the ball, he directly shot, he feel good, Wholesale Coach purses,arc the ball high into the box, but basketball is still a. Yi Jianlian shooting meritorious deeds, was very excited shook his fist themselves for their own celebration.

    Zhou Wu did not dare pass this would again give a little lesson, but this guy does not even attack it. He seems if we do not attack, Wen-yu need to find ways to give him something to eat flies ate one. Zhou Wu dribble into halftime, learn to bully Alstom did not dare look pass directly pull-shot. Basketball is extremely graceful arc across a hollow into the basket.

    Zhou Wu the ball choice is unreasonable, Coach Purses outlet,so C5 Taiwan’s Chang reasonable to know a “throw the ball unreasonable” just export, basketball turned into. Zhang reasonable no option but to swallow back the words. Another presenter said: “Regardless of reasonable and unreasonable, is cast into the strike.”

    “However, this week’s shooting weapons these games did not seem to miss too. Was launched in the online voting, guess what time Zhou Wu missed the first ball.” Zhang reasonable had to change the subject.

    “This I have heard of it. League touches first appeared played several games but it is not a ball player had missed it! Opinion, Jerseys from china,,Zhou Wu destined to the NBA history.” Yu Moderator said.

    “However, if so the Rockets game play, the fourth quarter is estimated that waste of time.” Zhang said reasonably.

    “Yes ah, we hope to be able to play the game look good, but also look forward to the second half bucks to rebound …… strike, Zhou Wu is also a pull-third.” Two people talking instant C5 station announcer, Zhou Wu again whirlwind of a third, the Rockets Biao stand tall hands in the air excitedly make third position, the same Biao did not dare pass flushed.

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