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    What do you use as a stand-by salty snacks?
    I thought of corn chips, roasted salted nuts.
    Someone mentioned on here dates coated with salt. Is that any good?
    I feel that because of the anti-salt propaganda, lots of things taste a lot less salty than they used to be, or could it be just me craving more salt…
    Anyhow, the corn chips don’t seem salty enough. I feel I have to eat a whole bag of them to get enough salt in me. And today we went to tgi fridays, and the fries totally lacked salt!
    I want to find something really salty and tasty, so that when I have an attack and am not feeling hungry I can eat a little and feel the effect.


    umm ready salted chips? or… pretzals? or….. salty olives/pickles


    of course, salted olives! Thanks Caz! Unfortunately I don’t like pretzels, which is annoying as it is such a great convenience food.


    Popcorn is good too. I just made a batch and added extra salt. I bet you could buy it too and just add a little extra salt if it wasn’t salty enough.


    I like making plantain chips (sliced and baked in tallow or marrowfat or butter, with lots of salt). They are super tasty, but unfortunately not the most convenient option without previous prep.

    Boiled eggs are good too, you could just add a bit of salt before every bite.

    Do you like rice crackers? Most “asian” snacks are pretty salty.


    I was thinking popcorn too, however, I am afraid keeping it around because everything I eat, the kids want to eat too and I have read that popcorn is a major choking hazard. :(
    Also, as I live in Europe, we don’t really have much of a selection of asian salty snacks, which is a shame.
    Just tried putting some salt on dates and shaking it in a bag, it is disgusting. :( At least to me it is.


    just thought of making some cheese biscuits and incorporating lots of cheese inside.


    I like olives, pickles, popcorn, flavored roasted salted almonds. Fave salty chips are Bugles or Lay’s Staxx (sp?)…the plain ones. The Staxx are like Pringle’s but thicker and saltier. I try to avoid most flavored chips/MSG because it seems to be a migraine trigger for me. I also like the Hormel Natural ham or turkey rolled up with a thin slice of cheese. Doesn’t have the nitrates and good flavor, no idea if it is available there.

    Matt Stone

    Cheese and crackers all the way. The cheese holds more salt than chips and crackers without tasting overly salty (depending on what kind, real Parmigiana has about 500mg salt per ounce). Beef jerky would be good too, with some carbs of some kind.


    @scarletsmum that’s me eating the medjool dates with himalayan salt;)

    Havent tried these myself,but maybe you can make a stash of salty coconut flakes to take with you?


    This isn’t necessarily a snack suggestion, but rather a salt suggestion.

    In the US Morton makes a Popcorn Salt that is very finely ground. It really sticks to whatever you put it on. I use it on popcorn that I pop in a Nordic Ware microwave popcorn popper using coconut oil. We now have one of those popcorn poppers at work, and make popcorn nearly every afternoon. Everyone says it’s the best popcorn they ever ate, especially using Orville Redenbacher’s Tender White bulk popcorn.

    But anyway, I know you’re concerned about popcorn being a choking hazard, so I’m just saying that if you need to add salt that will stick and provide a lot of flavor, Morton Popcorn Salt will do the trick.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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