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    So, I read about using sat. fat for adrenal fatigue, which I am thinking I have symptoms of. The pounding heart is really getting to me, and it started up last night. I decided to go have some full fat, REAL, ice cream and the pounding heart went away almost instantly! What are some other foods with good saturated fat content?


    Hello Bauer! I’m surprised nobody has replied yet. I’m happy to tell you of a GREAT source of saturated fat: coconut and coconut oil. Almost completely saturated and extremely healthy for so many reasons. The medium chain triglycerides are readily burned as fuel, not usually stored as fat.

    Also butter is a pretty good source and, this may sound surprising, but lard is a good source of both saturated fat and mono-unsaturated fat, as I recall (like olive oil).

    Hope that helps!

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    The highest Sat.Fat sources are like Jman99 mentioned everything Coconut (Oil,Milk,Cream).
    Unrefined Palmfett has also quite some sat.fat.

    Butter,but personally I’d opt for Goat&Sheep dairy….they have a more favorable fatty acids composition imho….and usually better digestible.

    Cacaobutter is also high in sat.fats,so you can either make your own chocolate with cacaobutter and/or Coconut Oil…..or happily eat storebougth chocolate,though I’d be causious that it doesnt have soy-lechitine in it which a lot of pre-made bars have.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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