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    I just don’t get it. If this was true then there would’t be an obesity epidemic. Isn’t this why there are so many overweight people in the world in the first place, because they eat more than they burn?
    Can someone please explain this to me? If we just ate and ate we would naturally gain weight and our weight will stabilize at that higher weight without question because we are eating more. I wish it was true that we could eat more and our metabolism would take care of the our weight, but l am not convinced this is true and that our metabolism is actually increased that much by the amount of food we eat. I mean how many people have managed to lose weight in the end, eating this way, l don’t see many. Show me the scientific evidence, but more importantly show me the people this has worked for. I hear from them.



    This seems to be a running theme recently…

    … they can’t lose weight when they “eat more than they burn”…
    … if you’ve been on a bunch of yo-yo diets and low-calorie restrictions for a long time, you burn very little, and your body suffers long term damage. i.e. you are not healthy.

    SO… to recover from dieting, you use the Diet Recovery methods – i.e. EAT. But, there’s more to it than that.

    Once you convince your body that it’s not starving (by any means possible), you can get your metabolism up, get your repair systems in high gear (this is when you start craving real, wholesome foods), and get healthy again.

    Once you’re healthy, you can work on losing fat, if that’s still a problem.

    If you’re after science, I found “Death by Food Pyramid” very interesting… and it provides even more motivation to collect your own evidence. The human body seems to be more ‘art’ than ‘science’ – due to the wide variety of body types and genetics in play.

    Good luck! Please let us know what evidence you find!


    I don’t know what ‘Death by food pyramid’ is but it sounds like a joke. I don’t know many people that truly eat the government’s food plate, which is actually very healthy.
    I watched a YouTube video about a British woman who yo yo dieted and believed she had a ‘slow metabolism’ and that was why she couldn’t lose weight. She had her metabolism tested and it was normal. I’m not advocating crash diets by any means, but people may have success with just moving more and cutting out soda (or whatever).
    Diet recovery is great for some people, for others it might make things worse.


    If you believe the food pyramid is a healthy way to eat, you might want to read the book. It goes into how it was developed… which was right about the same time P&G came out with Crisco and other groups were hydrogenating processed vegetable oils. That most people don’t eat to it is a good indicator that no one believes it’s healthy, anyway.

    The government food plate might be a little better (less reliance on grains), but it still cuts out almost all fat. Developing brains need FAT. Adults also need FAT to sustain brain function and many other systems. FDA recommendations have not quite gotten that yet. If you eat to the food plate guidelines, I would not be surprised if you are cold and unhappy most of the time.

    If you actually read Matt’s book (and the death by food pyramid book too, for that matter) – I think they agree with you – some diets work for some people, some don’t. We’re all different. If we were all the same, we could all go on the “one diet” that works and it would actually work.

    That “one diet” (of which there are 100’s) has not worked for those of us here on the forum – that’s why we’re here, isn’t it?

    If you read the books – I just re-skimmed E4H and DR2 again last night – you must use the information and develop YOUR OWN plan that fits YOUR OWN body. We are all different.

    Death by food pyramid explains why… a lot of it has to do with how humans as a species have evolved – separately – in multiple locations around the globe. Thus the emergence of ‘eat for your blood type’ diets and others.

    I have no special interest in the food pyramid book – the info in there is available many other places. That’s just where I read it most recently.

    Keep learning and find your own path.


    I would like to add that I have had results eating this way like getting rid of candida in my digestives system, a more regular menstrual cycle, better mood, less cravings, no premenstrual binge, warmer. All this speaks in favor of Matt’s theories. But I also went from a waist size 29 to 32″. I still look fine since I’m tall but I’m pushing it. And I don’t want to enter the overweight level.And I already feel a bit insecure and had to stop wearing super tight clothes. I just think that my confidence would take a beating and I’d want to make darn sure that the weight comes off at the end of the year if I go there. Without proof of that, I don’t take the risk. I think that I can get ok results without pushing the weight up. But if I saw definite proof that 9 out of 10 lose the weight, I would 100% go for it.

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