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seborrheic dermatitis

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    Has anyone had success for healing seborrheic dermatitis, or does anyone have any tips? I have it on my face and scalp.


    My fianc? and brother have had luck with alternating days using selenium sulfide shampoos and p zinc shampoos. Hydrocortisone is helpful for the face. Sometimes SD can be related to a yeast complication. Just FYI


    thanks, i’m def going to try those


    Holy shit. I’ve had this almost my whole life, and all I have to say is good luck. I was in one of the food Nazi camps. I will say a paleo diet did clear up the body psoriasis, but absolutely nothing clears up the scalp psoriasis other than washing my hair every day. Some might think this seems natural to wash the hair every day, but I’m ethnic, and my hair really doesn’t need to be washed but every couple weeks. Natural oils are good for the hair and protect it. So I just wash my hair, and have to put fucking product in it to keep it from being frizzy, and dry as hell.


    Have had that for all my life, too. After a decade of crazy dieting and trying paleo, raw food, vegetarian, optimal and all other diets under the sun I can officially testify that food probably has nothing to do with seborrheic dermatitis. It comes and goes in cycles following its own logic. Sad to admit, but it is probably incurable. I started all this “healthy eating” in hope that some miraculaus diet would one day cure it. Paleo sounded like a panacea. AV’s primal diet even more so as did other raw food fads, like eating only fruits with raw fish and raw egg yolks… Nope!
    Now I eat whatever I want and make peace with my skin condition.
    What really makes a difference though – a little – is stressing out less and sleeping more.

    The Real Amy

    You may want to look into homeopathy if that’s something you’re up for. It can help fix the underlying systemic issues that cause things like psoriasis and SD. It can be some trial and error, though, and you need to work with a good classical homeopath.


    A dermatologist suggested that I use sulfur soap for the redness on my face and this soap has really worked for me:
    I used to use hydrocortisone cream constantly but wanted to stop because it wasn’t working as well and worried about the long-term side effects of something unnatural. I have dandruff on my scalp again now despite healthy eating so need to figure out what to do about that …

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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