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    Hey, everyone! Last day when we were at a party, while having ice cream I felt a peak pain in my left molar tooth. I took it lightly. But that night was beer night, I was not able to enjoy the night as it hurts me when I drink chilled beer. The next thing I did after reaching home was checking my tooth. I found that the tooth is completely damaged. I called my friend who is doing dental studies. She told me to visit tooth extraction clinic in Toronto as soon as possible. But the next day morning, there was no pain! So I thought that I will use some clove oil for the time being. Is it necessary that the tooth should be extracted as soon as possible? Is there any other treatment that I can try? If the tooth is extracted how can I fill the gap between the teeth? Is there any home remedies that I can try to get out of this sensitivity?


    If the tooth is really damaged, it is better to do an extraction than going for anything else. You should be careful that it will not affect the nearby tooth.
    It is always better to ask your dentist and go by what he says.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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