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Seratonin and fat:carb ratio

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    I read a post a while back about your ideas on protein ratios and i think it is very smart because i get so much worse by eating too much protein. If i eat too much one day the next day i will be sleeping all day. Now i am wondering about the fat part, how can i go about this to keep my seratonin levels normal. fat:carb ratio?


    @Caz interesting subject as I myself currently am trying to learn/understand more about connection between gut(flora)&brain/metabolism connection and tryptophan/serotonin,dopamine and estrogen.
    As i have the strong suspicion that something slowly but steadily went wrong in my hormonal gut(flora?) And brainconnection from an early age.
    The older i got,the more. I became addicted to high tryptophan/serotonin & Pufa foods….they gave me a blissful feeling while eating them,yet later on left me with various negative moods,very low energy&overall interest to do stuff except for hanging in front of tv,feeling helpless&very clingy&dependent on people….and i ofcourse,being a good girl,went frompsychologist2psychologist,yet none therapy ever really helped me in long run!
    I literally sometimes could not fathom why certain people were so positive,energetic and easily could let go of issues whereas i couldnt even let. Go of the smallest things. I also never understood ehy people could be so nonchalant and not cravinng about certain foods…and before people start,i wasnt restricting or exercising b(much) back then.

    I now,strongly get the impression that these hormones(imbalanced) probably due to something in the gut have been a major key in this. Its a very complicated intricate puzzle which im trying to piece together to resolve/repair&turnaround those issues permanently….and. naturally start craving what really makes me feel good with no after-surprises and that i can even enjoy less optimal food in moderation.
    I actually think this migth also be a factor in people here gaining weigth while experiencing lower moods,fatigue,pain etc….while others feel happy,energetic….maybe the 1st group is experiencing increase in estrogen&serotonin?

    Anyway,ive read that animalprotein and fat are tryptophan foods,so i was wondering the same about fat even when saturated?
    This is why i suspect so many highcarb fruitarians claim to feel so good,bc although banana is high tryptophan that diet lacks 2 of the major tryptophan sources. Not that im advocating it.
    What also caugth my eye in the followup post about Coldmember,is that he mentioned his moods really were more steady happy when he increased the amount of gelatin in his diet(dont know how much anymore). Gelatin is the only animalprotein,as far as i know,that contains various aminos except for tryptophan.


    Wow! For some reason, I thought that chicken and turkey were high tryptophan, but had no idea that pretty much every other animal protein is too, although it looks like dairy is somewhat lower.


    @karim22 Dairy isn’t lower in tryptophan,but I found these quotes from Ray Peat&Danny Roddy that migth explain it.

    “Peat explained that the ratio of calcium to phosphate is a major contributor in whether or not tryptophan is converted into excess serotonin or into the preferable b-vitamin, niacin.

    “The ratio of calcium to phosphorous should be very high. If you’re under stress, the phosphate becomes more a problem and adds to the stress. Meat and whole grains are major sources of phosphate. You have to be more concerned with your calcium intake if you have a meat or grained based diet.”

    “Regarding milk and it’s tryptophan content, The calcium helps to keep the metabolic rate high, and the other nutrients help to steer tryptophan away from the serotonin path.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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