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Severe adrenal fatigue? Matt or any one please reply?

Blog Forums Raising Metabolism Severe adrenal fatigue? Matt or any one please reply?

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    I am absolutely convinced I have this. After extensively researching symptoms and causes, it only makes sense with my horrible symptoms. My cortisol levels and blood tests returned “normal” and “very good” (as my doctor claimed), however, there is no explanation for what I’m feeling.

    I have posted here regularly. I’ve been suffering with severe low-carb induced hypoglycemic symptoms ever since I switched to low-carb and despite returning to high carb. I wake up groggy and sleepy, and as soon as anything touches my lips upon waking (or even within a few hours) and I am ready to fall back to sleep. I get extremely tired and fatigued and be unable to function, avoiding breakfast or even an early lunch is still hard to get through as I don’t feel optimal but it’s better than being on the verge of a sleep coma. I ONLY feel a little more energised after 6pm and get very energetic before I sleep (11-12).

    I feel unproductive, lost, spaced out and groggy. I am starting to get forgetful and impatient. As a student I sit down to finish an assignment, yet sigh and yawn, daydreaming until a few seconds later where I want to just lie down again. I am unable to grasp concepts throughout my lectures any more and I have contemplated actually quitting college due to my declining academic performance.

    I have no energy. I reincorporated cardio exercise a few weeks ago but feel worse. I am constantly exhausted, and my brain literally feels like it’s just shut down. I am suddenly feeling depressed and suicidal for absolutely no reason. I feel weak.

    Refeeding has not helped. I do feel warmer and can tolerate the cold better, and switching back to very high carb diet has improved my motivation a little but not drastically. I have not had a burst of energy for a very long time, and often lay on my bed daydreaming of the shit I’m gonna do when I get hopefully someday experience a boost.

    Adrenal supplements seem to just make me insomniac. I do not consume caffeine. Many have advised me to eliminate sugar. I have been refeeding for five months. Any one who has overcome/experienced this I would really appreciate some advice. Sorry for my long rant.


    It seems to me like this could be happening from not eating and drinking properly according to your natural biorhythms. For instance, drinking less and eating more at your coldest or most sluggish part of your day, and vice versa.

    Have you been incorporating this as much as possible? For many months I was not making any progress until I started paying special attention to the timing of my eating/drinking, and of how much, at certain points in the day.

    The Real Amy

    Cindy, I don’t have too much advice except to ask if you are eating a lot of salt. For me, really upping the salt made all the difference.

    I would not encourage force feeding. Instead, just eat what you are in the mood for, whatever it is. Don’t question it. You may just need to seriously rest for awhile. When I had a similar major collapse a couple of years ago (seriously, all the same symptoms, but not brought on by low-carb), I just had to scale back for a long time. Time helped, salt helped, rest helped. Even if you are energetic at night, make yourself go to bed at 10pm, every night. Ultimately, I used homeopathy, which really helped once I got the right remedy. I also found accupuncture to be lifesaving in the critical period, so if you are able to afford that and have a good practitioner in your area I would recommend it. I found adrenal supplements to be totally useless. The only supplements I found beneficial whatsoever were b vitamins. Water with lemon and salt also helped, maybe because of the vitamin c.

    The Real Amy

    And also, make sure you are focusing on stress reduction. Getting stressed about your condition will not help. Just give into it and work with your body to heal.


    All I can tell you is I napped daily for about 6 weeks, sometimes two naps a day, before I broke out of my funk. You are going to school, stressing, not getting to sleep when your body asks for it etc. This is going to make it hard to recover.

    Also, what is refeeding to you? If it’s not something that triggers you, I would track your calories for a few days. The goal is simply to see what you are eating. Some people say they are eating “soooo much” and then they track, and they’re like, huh just 1,800 calories? Or just 2,000? Not enough for most women unless they are tiny. Unless you are like me and always have a strong appetite no matter what. I mean, I could put back a couple large pizza no problemo. I’d be stuffed for like 15-20 mins most likely. I come from a family of big eaters and strong appetites so it’s never been a problem for me to not desire to eat enough. But a lot of women do, especially after dieting.

    Yes, salt as much as you can stand before it tastes too salt. Don’t overdrink water, tea, or other liquids (that said, if your metabolism is up, too little water can also make you tired and sluggish- consider your temps and experiment in this). And you are going to have to rest. You may need a break from school if you can do it. If there is a way to afford yourself some time to really rest? Like a couple months? Sleep every time you feel like sleeping and truly recover. Have a variety of food available, especially high calorie stuff but also whatever else you crave.

    And get to bed at 10pm.

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    BTW, I was tested and showed “adrenal fatigue” years ago. I was really bad off then. I couldn’t do much of anything, I was so friggen sleepy almost all the time. I remember wanting so badly to go work in my garden and I just couldn’t. Laid on the couch all the time.


    Like the others mentioned already, salt is important.

    Do you eat big meals? If so,you migth want to decrease the meals and instead eat more small snacks frequently for a steady source of energy and it’s very important to try to keep bloodsugar balanced.

    Do you have any nutritional deficincies?….I seem to be experiencing similar symptoms of hypoglycemia (not as bad as you) when my mineralbalance is not correct.

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