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Severe fatigue and eye pain

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    Kurt Kremer

    This is from my sister-in-law. Any specific ideas on what may be the issue? She is about 30 years old.

    In desperate need of a proper diagnosis!…….I have constant eye pain/pressure that does not go away. Severe fatigue. Sleep thru the night, but wake up so tired and have to take naps. Sometimes feel nauseous because of this. Had these symptoms before I caught a bad cold. Thought it was maybe a sinus infection, but currently on my 4th day of a Zpak and not feeling better. I have allergies that seem to be inflamed frequently which is unusual for me this time of year. Since Zpak my mucous is running clear, but I have constant drainage from nose and down throat! I need this eye pain to stop or I may go nuts! Had blood tests taken recently and everything checks out okay. I am worried they will never find out what is wrong with me and we can’t handle a bunch of DR bills! Ugh.


    She needs a metabolism reboot


    Does she have sleep apnea?

    I’d vote for allergies, there’s a nasty bush that flowers in January (Christmas Box). It took my DH out this year (which was a first). He’s on flonase now, which seems to be helping. Flonase can cause eye pain, so if she’s recently started taking that for the allergy symptoms… tell her to stop!

    And, Feeding the metabolism couldn’t hurt!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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