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Why do some get sick, other healthy?

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    I am so confused. How can it be that I and others get sick from lowcarb and restrictions like GAPS or AIP, when others like Mark Sisson seems to be just fine and as strong as one cold be?

    In my country we have one known person that got really well from hypothyreos by eating very GAPS/paleolike. No starches and low in carbs. No dairy and of course no grains/pseudograins. Lowcarb but I think not ketogenic. We also have a memory expert, eating ketogenic, and some athletes that wins competitions in triathlon and other stuff, eating paleo or ketogenic.

    The hypo person has made instructions (e-book) for others to follow, and mostly get so much better and can take away medication. The person who started this, has eaten like this for years, not getting bad reactions.

    Why is this? why does not she or the others get sick or/and tired? It seems to me like the biggest part do well, and that we other are in minority.

    I fell into trying to restrict more, try harder and so on, before giving in last week. So stupid.Of course something is badly wrong if I have to stop eating eggs, dairy, nuts (didn’t eat those, don’t like them), skipping both this and that. I have really noticed increased sensitivity for carbs since restricting. I could not handle them well before, but now it is worse than ever.

    But mostly people seems fine eating lowcarb and so on. Do you have som input on WHY???


    We are unique human beings.

    Each one of us is a result of many, MANY years of genetic evolution – our ancestors have passed on to us variations in enzyme production rates and gut bacteria (significantly different in, for example, populations in Sweden versus those in Brazil) – PLUS we also have environmental variances. From how your mother ate while pregnant, to breast feeding -vs- bottle/formula, and then what you ate growing up, and how active you were as a child, etc, etc, etc.

    That’s why the “miracle” diet does not exist. We each have to find out what works for us PERSONALLY. There is no One Perfect Diet for everybody, because there are too many variables and differences from one person to another.

    The book “Death by Food Pyramid” goes through a number of the studies that were done and some of the findings from different parts of the world – very interesting stuff. But it boils down to: “Know your own body and find out what works for YOU.”

    I love that Matt calls what he does ‘experimentation’ – and I’m finding that really works… eat what you like, and then document how it made you feel… run your OWN experiments, and you’ll find out what “miracle” works for you.


    Yes, I think you are correct. But it feels odd anyway, that some can do great with a diet that excludes one source of biological correct food. Wanted to hear someone elses thoughts…

    We are slightly different (not VERY, some are not carnivores and some vegetarian by genotype), we are omnivores and not koalas that eat one thing only, and we are even more different after getting bad health in a number of ways (often people going on different protocols has bad health).

    It’s interesting about what happens when mother eats something when we are not born yet, and how we eat early on. When that can change so much, the paleo for all, falls. Sorry, I don’t rememeber what it is called, when genes are “turned on” or not. Some third word, belonging and completing the phenotype and genotype I think ^_^ (I am not Enlish speaking.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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