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Anyone here not skinny?

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    I was skinny at 27, a personal trainer which is where I believe my problems started. Food allergies, back injuries and severe depression caused me to try every diet in the book, low carb, no sugar, vegan…blah blah blah…40 lbs later I am a blimp! I have been doing the Eat for Heat now for about a month and am up 7 lbs and ready to cry! Anyone here not needing to refeed and gain? I’m trying to get as much sleep as I can but have a 2 yo and a hubby that works nights. I will say my cravings are gone but now I’m not hungry in the morning and am doing “intermittent fasting” without trying. 12-14 hours after dinner I’m hungry. Is this helping or hurting. Today is the first day my temp has been 98.8 at any point. Started out at 96.7. I hope that I’m doing this right. I feel silly just eating whatever I want even though I’m not eating more than what fills me which is less than ever before. I feel shame eating in front of skinny people. That’s really the hardest part. The shame I feel from enjoying food. Anyone else eating the food and feeling shame?


    I’m definitely NOT skinny!
    But, no shame about eating here, anyway. I’ve always LOVED good food.

    I’ve also always been good at storing food… I was called ‘fatty’ in 7th grade, and decided to give up my afternoon bag of potato chips. Lost a bunch just doing that and felt pretty good for at least a decade.

    After getting married and starting a job with a lot of travel, I just slooowly packed on ~5lb/year. Then started the yo-yo dieting stuff a few years ago.

    Worst diet was last year – I tried the intermittent fasting. I gained weight on that plan – mainly just skipping breakfast. I did shift something, as I no longer get faint with hunger, or hunger headaches… but I got really depressed and was always cold.

    Since starting ‘refeeding’ a few weeks ago – but not gorging – my temps are up, my energy is up, and I’m feeling really good! But, not gaining and not losing… can’t really afford to gain any, or I’ll need to buy a new wardrobe.


    Yep! Me! I’m about 40-50 lbs over “recommended” weight thanks to using bad diet advice: low carb, no sugar, etc. I’ve only been re-feeding a couple of weeks, but temps have risen dramatically and my stress is so low, I’m enjoying life again!

    I do still feel a smidgen of shame over eating things my body wants in front of skinny folk, but after losing my precious baby at 12 weeks in the womb last year, due to bad dieting habits, I can usually squash those feelings easily now and enjoy the food with a smile. Hope your journey has seen good days since you posted this!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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