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Sleep: 8+ a day? Or only at night?

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    Is it better sleep 8 hours or more at night, or is it more important to obtain 8 or more hours during the day, using naps for example? Is it more important the total amount of sleep during the day, or that during the night?


    In my opinion, it shouldn’t matter whether you do all your sleeping at night or include a nap (or two) during the day. For me, the main problem with naps is that 1) they’re usually impractical because of daytime obligations and 2) they can make it difficult to get to sleep at night if the nap is too late in the day.

    When I had a more flexible schedule, I often took naps right after lunch and it really helped me stay rested.


    Fortunately I’m at a point in my life where I can sleep whenever I want. If I’m feeling that deep tiredness I just sleep, even if it might make it more difficult later on. It seems like a lot of the people on this sight have some level of burnout and rest is definitely one of the best remedies. So if you can structure your life accordingly during the beginning stages of recovery I would try to get as much sleep in as your body will allow.


    I find that when I start thinking about how many hours sleep I am going to get at night, I end up sleeping less. If I tell myself I need a certain amount of hours I will lie there awake willing myself to fall asleep. During recovery I am lucky enough that I am in a position to sleep as many hours as I can at night, and If I feel like it I will take a nap during the day.
    I think as long as you are getting sleep its a good thing


    How is your progress by the way @patch87 ?

    Is that pain in the ribs still hanging around?

    The Real Amy

    Everything I have ever learned about sleep suggests that sleep at night is best. If you really can’t get it that way then probably any sleep is better than none. But sleep at night is much better for your circadian rhythm.


    Hi everybody and thank you for your attention!
    The past week my sleep was better… I was on vacation: sea, beach anche food. The sleep was good, I slept two time a day xD like a baby, but they were few hours, less than 8 anyway…
    When I returned home my insomnia came back xD.
    My progress seems good, tomorrow I reached 37.6?C in tha late afternoon.
    This morning my temps were 36.6?C. I took some advices I found here like eating every two hours. I eat without stuffing myself and it seems that the ache under the last right rib it’s gone… Then today I decided to buy a multivit. and multimineral supplement, I read in different topic of some people taking magnesium supplement, well, I will take more substances together ahahah xD
    I don’t think that I have some deficiency, at least not serious xD
    But, if I am in a “recovery” and in HED, well I will go high also in vit and minerals ahahahah
    Then if I will see some improvement, every month I will change multivit, or take a break month… :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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