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Sleep problems? High cortisol to blame?

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    I too wake up all night long and often get to sleep easily again but sometimes not so much (I’m also struggling with the weight gain as well). I’ve heard putting sugar under your tongue or a piece of dried mango and I tried that last night and I went to sleep pretty easily again. I might try the salt and sugar combo and see how that works. I’ve also heard that having a bed time snack can help and sometimes I’ve done that. Interesting to think of the starchy grainy food having an impact. The ED side of me likes to think of removing grains but I know that when I tend to restrict things that it isn’t good for me and I know that there was many, many years that I slept like a log and ate grains all the time. I can remember falling asleep and waking up in the same position. Oh to go back to that place…

    I’ll keep you posted if I find something that works for me and please do the same if anyone on here that’s mentioned this problem finds something that works. Some things I do that might help but obviously haven’t fixed my sleep issues completely are: avoiding electronics an hour before bed, black out curtains, no lights in the room, no cell phone in the room, and wifi turned off when my husband comes to bed.


    I’ve had the same problem for a few years. Mine’s even worse now, as we share a family bed w/my two sons and am pregnant, ugh, so tired. I finally night weaned my youngest, but still have to pat him back to sleep several times a night and then they wake for the day by 5.
    I feel like it’s gotten a bit better lately, I’m not up for hours every night like I used to be! I’m following Ray Peat’s advice, and taking in plenty of sugar to balance my nighttime protein. I always go to bed right after dinner too, but have always since it makes me sleepy. Sometimes I just drink some OJ before bed. Don’t know if this is what’s helping or the nighttweaning, but worth a try;)


    I have problems waking up at 3-4am as well. My heart isn’t racing, but i never fully go back to sleep. I’m actually seeing a sleep doctor now and will report if i find help, but in the meantime i came across a Sleep Restriction Therapy article and wondered if anyone here has tried it. While its not completely consistent with Matt’s principles (because it appears to increase stress in the short run), it looks intriguing.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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