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Soft Drink Trap

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    Steven e

    There sure are a lot of people claiming we’ll live longer if we drink, but who doesn’t want to believe that! I’m on the fence. I find that sometimes it works great for me and I can drink like a fish and hardly feel it. Sometimes it makes me focused. Other times I just feel crappy with even a sip. I wonder how much any of that has to do with glucose metabolism. I find my reactions to alcohol are similar and similarly variable to my sugar tolerance, (which BTW seems much better since re-feeding).

    I’ve heard the booze/agriculture theory. I wouldn’t know enough about it to have much of an opinion. It doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility. If you have to grow and then ferment all your own booze though, it becomes much harder to be a full blown alcoholic.

    Here’s another from lorna doone by R.D. Blackmoore:

    “I will tell you by-and-by,” I answered, misliking this satire upon us: “but I might begin with a quart of ale, to enable me to speak, madam.”

    “Very well. One quevart of be-or :” she called out to a little maid, who was her eldest child, no doubt. “It is to be expected, sir. Be-or, be-or, be-or, all day long, with you Englishmen!”

    “Nay,” I replied; “not all day long, if madam will excuse me. Only a pint at breakfast-time, and a pint and a half at eleven o’clock, and a quart or so at dinner. And then no more till the afternoon; and half a gallon at supper time. No one can object to that.”

    “Well, I suppose it is right,” she said, with an air of resignation: “God knows. But I do not understand it. It is ‘good for business,’ as you say, to preclude every thing.”

    “And it is good for us, madam,” I answered with indignation, for beer is my favourite beverage: “and I am a credit to beer, madam; and so are all who trust to it.”

    “At any rate you are, young man. If beer has made you grow so large, I will put my children upon it; it is too late for me to begin. The smell to me is hateful.

    Now I only set down that to show how perverse those foreign people are. They will drink their wretched heartless stuff, such as they call claret, or wine of Medoc, or Bordeaux, or what not, with no more meaning than sour rennet, stirred with the pulp from the cider press, and strained through the cap of our Betty. This is very well for them; and as good as they deserve, no doubt; and meant perhaps by the will of God for those unhappy natives. But to bring it over to England, and set it against our home-brewed ale (not to speak of wines from Portugal), and sell it at ten times the price, as a cure for British bile, and a great, enlightenment; this I say is the vilest feature of the age we live in.”


    Very cool stuff guys!
    Arrgh all this talk of beer. Ya makin me thirsty!


    I had a friend growing up who when he had a hangover would want McDonalds Coke. I have been eating some McDonalds lately, and I actually called him the other day to say I think your right the coke does taste better at McDonalds.. He thought I was crazy of course..

    But I have been comparing soda fountain coke and there is definitely something about the Maccas coke.

    I watched a video on the internet of a guy who thought he had the explanation as to why people believe Maccas coke tastes the best.

    He believes that McDonalds has reverse osmosis water filtration, and simply because McDonalds sells more coke than anyone else, the syrup can’t sit around very long, meaning tastier coke..

    I do like the real sugar in the canned/bottled products though


    I have been craving lager loads recently, but I’m not enjoying the pissed feeling off it, so am considering shandy.

    Re cultivating grains for brewing, this article is interesting

    I definitely think all fizzy drinks are best tasting when swigged down for the first few gulps… A can of pop is also probably the best ever after salty fish and chips, like David, I believe it helps get the digestion going.

    I have been stuck on 36.3 for what seem slike ages and am starting an experiment only drinking a salty sugary drink which roughly consists of citrus juice with cold water, salt and sugar added. I actually crave the taste of fresh cold water but I am lucky in that we have very delicious spring water at home, not mains.

    I wonder if it’s possible to verify that McD use reverse osmosis filtration? That would surprise me.

    Steven e

    Lately I’ve been drinking fresh squeezed grapefruit juice from grapefruits gleaned in town, with about 50% water and a lot of sugar. It’s quenching, cheap, relatively nutritious and pretty tasty. The only thing I might change is using fizzy water instead of plain, but I don’t want to buy it. Water often doesn’t quench my thirst well, and I will sometimes even end up drinking too much of it while developing a dry mouth and a thirsty feeling. I still drink a fair bit, especially if it’s really hot, but mostly not. Other times, I’m not in the mood for something sugary and just want water, especially if my temp is above “normal” and it’s hot, so I’m sweating a ton and it feels hard to keep fluids up.


    it sounds like you live somewhere hot steven e?

    The grapefruit drink sounds lush. I’m trying to work out what and how to drink, but just keep fantasising about mountain springs and fresh ice cold water, then giving in and guzzling it only to be thirsty again soon after. I’ve usually consistently got a 36.3 temp and I am breastfeeding so I don’t want to disobey thirst signals. I am experimenting with different drinks though. Today I tried a lemon salt and sugar drink but this just ramped up my thirst and put my temp down! Do you ever add salt to your drinks?

    cheers, crinkly

    Steven e

    I’ve tried adding salt to drinks a few times, but haven’t been impressed flavor wise. I should keep trying, or find that amount that just doesn’t step out front too much. There are citrus in town (northern California) but we can’t get away with any up here on the mountain without protection. citrus are usually so incredibly productive that no one can keep up, so they are usually free for the picking. This particular grapefruit tree the owner says produces almost the year round! it’s close to two stories tall and pretty loaded with huge fruits. I can pick boxes at a time :D

    I do like plain water a lot sometimes and totally know what you mean about just filling up when you’re really thirsty. I think most animals probably drink that way having to travel between water sources. I’m looking forward to being able to do that again without tanking my body temperature. I am on spring water and it’s excellent, so I can go up there and get it straight out of the ground. Lots of fond memories of going up there on a hot day and guzzling. I have plans someday for a kitchen where the spring runs continually into the house at sort of water altar and then back out to a holding tank, so it’s always as fresh as possible and never stored in plastic.


    Steven- E I’ve heard about places in Spain with a stream flowing through a stone cellar to store food really cold, sounds amazing.

    Like OldMate says I’ve found recently that drinking fizzy drinks really works up a thirst for me. I was in two minds whether the extra liquid was going to cool me down or not. Maybe I don’t care though because I’ve decided to follow it, though, because at least it’s not empty and I have been having trouble getting my appetite up, this way I can drink my calories!

    I can’t bear to put salt in my 7up though, maybe I’ll work up to it….

    Steven e

    Crinkly: I was thinking of making one of those actually. They’re called spring houses in the U.S. Maybe through the spring house, then into the house. I have a couple other springs too. Lot’s plans and potential, very little energy to make stuff happen.

    Lately, I’ve just been eating a pinch of salt and chasing it with whatever I’m drinking. If I’m cold that is, or if I’m eating a bunch of fruit and soda and stuff like that and feeling like I need salt. If I chase it right down, it’s not that bad. Rock salt would probably be better/easier.


    Wow! I have just realised that tequilas are good for you….


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    Soft drinks are good for you? Jippii! I’m not thirsty for anything else than coffee and cola.
    I had a short but intense stomach flu, lasted one day, but after a week I was still feeling very weak and nauseous. A nurse told me to drink cola and eat potato chips. At once I felt great. Fluids, salts and sugar.

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