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    I just finished reading Matt’s Eat For Heat.
    I’m really struggling with the conclusions and advice, to be honest.

    Part of me wants to believe all of this eating whatever we want, including sugar and carbs is just fine. I never was a thirsty person, so his advice about drinking water and cooling beverages in EFH is ok.

    But I’m looking at myself as the guinea pig here, and with what I’ve been doing for about 3 weeks, I’ve done nothing but gain weight, the GERD is back and I am having serious digestive problems, too. I feel fat and sluggish and honestly, pretty bummed.

    Further, it occurred to me yesterday (after enjoying a nice moderate sized bowl of organic granola with flax, blueberries and half & half) that gaining 10 or so lbs for a 125 lb woman who has been strictly dieting/fasting/starving or bulimic for years might not be a huge issue. Going from 125-ish to say, 140 ish, she’s still looking good. For me, beginning this at 182 and ending up bumping 200lbs is just not acceptable.

    I WANT to believe that Matt has the answers to healing my metabolism, which yes, no doubt IS screwed up from all my years of skipping meals, liquid fast diets, Kimkins and low carb….but the results so far are discouraging.

    I wonder if anyone here has been more successful in continuing to follow more of a Primal or Paleo way of eating, but making sure they get plenty to eat and eat on a regular basis. Those are my two big mistakes recently. I began skipping meals when I wasn’t hungry thinking that the whole concept of intuitive eating might work.

    Low carb wasn’t doing it for me anymore, that’s for sure. I remarried last Feb, and since living together and eating the same foods, HE has lost 45 lbs, and I’d gained back about 5 – 6 lbs. Just enough to make my jeans uncomfortably tight, etc. Now on top of that 5-6 lbs I’ve packed on another 5. Yikes.


    Hi there, What are you looking to change health wise? For me I wasn’t getting my period and nothing I did for almost 3 years brought it back. I want to have another baby so to me it was a big reason to give this a shot. I gained about 25 lbs but now I’m pregnant. I was a normal/thin weight to begin with and am now almost 18 weeks pregnant and weight what I did at the end of my last pregnancy. Hard to handle at times but worth it.

    The reason why I shared my story is that for me gaining the weight was worth it and I had tried meditation, mindfulness, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, homeopathic medicine, intensive therapy individually and in group, mayan massage, strict paleo/primal, and maybe a few more things. And I did them consistently. For months and months at a time. Have you tried other things to fix your health problems? Stress management can be huge. Even though paleo/primal has a bad name on this website there are good things to be said about it and I think if you take not a too strict approach it can be good- eating fruit, rice, potatoes since you said low carb isn’t good. I agree on the low carb front. Sometimes I wonder if I could have fixed this all just by adding a good amount of carbs in and not going hog wild. Anyway, I think eating consistently and to appetite is really important. Don’t diet since that’s not the answer. I think sometimes people need to eat a lot of food and rest to get their metabolisms back to normal but for some they may just need to make some adjustments (salty, carby, sweet) and eat consistently and not restrict calories.


    I want to be able to eat normally and not gain weight! I have so screwed up my metabolism over the years….I know it.

    I just finished Matt’s book DR 2 and did learn more of what to expect. Apparently everything I’m experiencing seems perhaps normal for the refeeding and healing process. My morning temps are hanging in there at 98.1. I’m going to start checking axcillary temps starting tomorrow though. Those might be lower.

    I’m probably going to have to go buy some bigger jeans soon :(


    So I’m just checking in for an update. I hit my all time highest weight this weekend @ 203. I wont be gaining any more – this has to be it. For a while it felt good eating and hopefully restoring my metabolism…but i HATE the way I look and few of my clothes fit. Ill try eating moderate carbs and some HIIT which is a combo I’ve not tried before. I need the exercise! It feels better already after a couple days of hiking. I guess I need to go read the healthy weightloss section next :)


    I am struggling too… I’m on week 6 and the weight isn’t stopping. I’m not weighing myself but my “big” clothes are getting tight. And I was about 250 when I started so it’s hard to keep trusting this. my temps are up though and I feel good (other than the fat) so I’m just hoping I’m getting to the light and tunnel moment soon.

    Whenever I eat less my temps drop right back down so I’m just hanging in chubby limbo hoping Matt’s theories work for me.

    I’ll keep in touch!

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