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Need help with spoof blog name!

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    I made a mistake. His T levels should now be at 20000 (not 2000). The man is set to become a legend. I give up.


    Don’t give up yet, Thomas!
    I’m making myself a note right now to have my T-levels checked.
    We still have a shot at this!
    (BTW-thinning hair is a sign of high testosterone, right?)


    TheRealAmy-I couldn’t help but notice that you while you did say that Coldmember would be tough competition, you did not say that it was no contest!
    Me being the eternal optimist that I am (why I am not sure), I am taking that to imply that Thomas and I still have a shot here.
    Now, I also note that you mentioned that Mr. Coldmember already has a girlfriend. Soooo, he is off-limits anyway, right? Heh, heh, heh. Right?
    It just so happens that I do not have a girlfriend at this time. So, I am most definitely NOT off-limits. I realize that this information must come as a shock to you given my aforementioned resemblance to Swamp Thing, but it really is true.
    So, have mercy lovely lady. Show a little favor to your humble admirers Thomas and Ironrod. :)


    Oh, hey Steven. Still not derailing your thread Bro.
    I totally promise! Remember-beautiful women and health blogs. Totally compatible.
    How is the blog coming, BTW?

    Steven e

    No worries. I may go live tomorrow with a fascinating story on safe fruit. Goodness knows the world would be a better place with safer fruit. I might wait though and work on the look a little. I’m not too happy with the look of the thing, kind of slapped together, but then I don’t really feel like messing with it right now. I’ll let ya know.


    Sounds good, Steven.
    “Goodness knows the world would be a better place with safer fruit.”
    You know…it’s kind of funny that you likely meant that in a humorous/ironic sense, but the consumption of pretty much any kind of fruit causes really negative reactions for me. Weird, eh?
    However, as this is the humor section, I cannot think about “safe fruit” without posting this link:


    Hey Thomas, it just occurred to me that I missed the opportunity to throw in a DragonBall Z joke earlier.

    Sort of like this:

    Thomas: Ironrod, look! It seems that we have a new challenger for the affections of TheRealAmy. His name is Coldmember.
    Ironrod: Really?! Quick, take a reading on his T-Levels!
    Thomas: IT’S OVER 9000!!!!

    What can I say? I am a geek.
    BTW-Even if you have never watched the DragonBall anime or read the manga, you still should enjoy these guys parody of the DragonBall series. These dudes are really funny, IMO, particularly after the first couple of episodes.

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)
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