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    Hi, I have a past of eating 1200-1600 callories a day, exercising, and health problems. My health problems are due to HPA- axis disregulation causing low cortisol, lsh, fsh, hgh, thyroid, low hr, and low Bp. I was diaganosed with Panhypopituitarism, but I think that it was due to over exercising and eating “too healthy” as a 15 yo causing a callorie shortage.

    I am now 18 and realized I was eating not enough 6-12 months ago (I just was scared of raising it because I knew my metabolism was low). I went from 116 at age 16, 5′ 5.5″, to Panhypopituitarism (diagnosis, but probably MALNUTRITION) 87 at my lowest at age 17 (5’6″ because I grew a half inch on hgh. I stopped taking my meds that fall and tried to gain eating around 2600 which took me to 100. Then because my stomach was bloated backed off slowly and didn’t relize it, but went to 1800 for a while, lost 5lbs. Had to eat again, gained to 115 on 16-1800. But for the past 2 months lost to 112ish on 1200-1500 by eating to hunger.

    I want to be healthy, and I know this is how. But I’m already so close to my healthy weight I’m scared of an almost certain overshoot. Also I love the way my boyd is now and don’t want to ruin it.

    However I feel God calling me to do this because my focus should not be on earthly desired (body), but on peace, joy, in the holy spirit. But I’m scared, but I’m trying to push through anyways and rely on him.

    Ps: my temps are 97’s, current weight 112ish, bmi 17.9ish, 5’6″ and weening off of hydrocortisone (I quit thyroid, hgh, and sex hormone replacements 10months ago).

    My questions: (I don’t have a copy of any of the books so I need advice on starting)

    1) how many callories a day?
    2)how long?
    3)will easy strength training cause my body to not heal (quasi recovery)?
    4) When my temps are “normal” does that mean my metabolism is “healed” and weight gain will stop?

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    Matt Stone

    1. Working your way up to 2500+
    2. Keep calories at that level more or less indefinitely
    3. A little strength training is fine. Just don’t push it too hard or too long. Low reps, lots of rest between sets.
    4. Fat gain should really start to slow down or stop once temps are well-above 98F all the time.

    That weight is too low for you, whether you like your body how it is right now or not. Satisfy your God-given appetite and you will settle at your God-given weight. May have some overshoot, but think into the future. You’re 18. You can feel great and look great for all of your 20’s and not have to worry about what you eat. Worth a 2-year investment for sure. Much more important than getting a degree and you can get it for free in half the time!


    Thanks! I went from 1200ish to 1800 to 2100 to 2300 (yesterday), do I guess today will be the 2500. Kind of excited, but mostly scared. But I feel like this is what I HAVE to do.

    I’m really glad that strength training won’t “kill” recovery. I have been looking on the youreatopia forums and ANY exercise is a big no-no. I think that’s one major difference and glad to know I don’t have to be completely sedentary as long as I take it easy and don’t go overboard.

    I already know my biggest struggle is going to be my orthorexia tendency to never eat “junck food”. I’m going to try to slowly add more foods, but I know that’s going to be tough.

    Lately I’ve been eating a lot of nuts and some clif bars to get my calories up.

    And last night my temp was 98.3! Hasn’t been that high since middle school! Its very encouraging to be able to see results so fast! I have raynauds disease also, and yesterday I noticed my hands and feet were looking as closer to normal as I have seen in years… It was 90 degrees, but was still a good improvement considering we’ve had that weather yesterday and they turned purple. Still, not perfect, but it will get there :)

    (and btw I’m goiong looking for a book today at some bookstores becauses I don’t want to have to wait for the mail lol!)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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