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    Hey Guys I’m just starting diet recovery 2 today and have instantly seen a body temperature increase from the high 97’s to as high as 99.3 as well as warm hands and feet.
    The only thing I’m noticing is that it drops quickly like literally in a span of minutes.
    I’ve been consuming donuts with a tiny bit of salt on them.
    When it starts to slightly drop I take a few more bites and it rises back up again.
    Any ideas on how to get this to sustain a little more?

    This is awesome stuff.


    Perhaps you may be thinking of salt or heating foods like a pharmaceutical drug (?), that works instantly and ought to sustain you throughout your day. But it probably took you years to get to the point where you are (like myself!), so it will take a while to get your temps up consistently.
    Also, perhaps chill out and don’t take your temps too obsessively. It is possible to obsess over not obsessing with food and just eat. When I first started, I nearly had a panic attack at Costco trying NOT to read the labels. I was obsessed with not obsessing and it stressed me out!


    I would focus on other indicators like warm hands and feet as cues to eat more, rather than taking temps throughout the day.

    When you start to notice signs of the stress hormone dominant state, like poor peripheral circulation, anxiety, etc., a few dates or some saltines or something can help. The goal is to be in that warm, metabolically active state for as much of the day as you can. That doesn’t necessarily mean keeping temps at a certain number.


    Thanks to both of you guys for the reply’s I’ll definitely take both into consideration with this process. Both valid points.

    Matt Stone

    The more severe your situation coming in (metabolically that is), usually the more fleeting the warming effect from food is… meaning that you will have to eat more often at first. As you get stronger and are maintaining warm temps as sort of your normal sticking point, you should be able to go longer and longer periods of time without seeing your temps crash and other negative signs creeping in (mood changes, cold extremities, etc.).


    Thanks a lot Matt I appreciate it. This program is definitely changing the way I view things.
    Its day 3 my waking temperature is 96.5 usually and eating a large amount of ice cream early on today and little bits throughout the day have got me to over 98 degrees early in the day for the first time I can remember and its been lasting from 12 noon to 3:30 so I’m thinking this is working pretty fast.
    Also digestion has been speeding up significantly.


    I’ve been doing this since late February and at first I felt like a car trying to start. Eventually things got
    better and this morning my temp was 98.8, nearly ready to join the hot chicks club! In any case, give it time and be patient, you are already seeing positive changes! :D

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    Hot Chicks club I like that haha Thanks for the encouragement Finngerian

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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