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    I am a server at a Chinese restaurant, yesterday I was given the task to create a meal for one of my customers that was gluten free as well as vegetarian, formally being on of those freaks myself I was up for the challenge. After 20 minutes of running back and forth from the kitchen ( and I should mention that the kitchen staff hardly speak a lick of English) I was able to come up with vegetable chowmein, with rice noodles, no sauce, tofu lightly deep fried (no flour added) and a small side of shirachi sauce. Wheeww! Finally her poor guests could enjoy their meals as well (taking all of 3 seconds to order), so I come back to check on the guests five minutes later to see if that food was alright, oh and to make sure my gluten free friend had not dropped dead from a possible cross contamination ;) anyways her meal was completely devoured, I could not believe it a GIANT plate of noodles gone in under 5 minutes, as the other guests were only beginning to touch theirs…. just thought I would share…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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