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Starving kids in poor countries

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    This is a weird question for a first post but I will ask any way :).

    I have a lady at work who doesn’t believe in metabolic damage. Some time ago I thought she was a good friend and tried to talk to her about things but she was quite mean about me eating more and was like well you aren’t going to lose weight if you eat like that. I tried to explain metabolic damage to her and she said well why aren’t starving kids in poor countries metabolically damaged then. She was really defensive and just didn’t want to listen at all.

    She has actually lost a lot of weight (like 40kg and by pretty much starving/binge, vegan diet) in the last year so that just makes her more sure that I should be able to lose weight normally too. I am about 10kg heavier since starting to repair my metabolism 3 years ago so its quite noticeable that I have gained.

    How do I answer her question about the starving kids in poor countries? I feel angry right now that she doesn’t believe me!

    mighty m

    Wow, that lady sounds kind of dumb, sorry to say. Also, while starving and eating vegan is a “normal” — aka common — way to lose weight, it’s not “normal” in the sense of healthy.

    Starving PEOPLE in poor countries likely do have suppressed metabolisms. The effects of starvation have been clinically documented by Ancel Keys, and aren’t disputed. The reason that study was undertaken was to see how to rehabilitate people who had suffered starvation or malnourishment during WWII. I suppose it’s possible that kids might be a little more resilient than adults, but, yes starvation suppresses everyone’s metabolism, including hers.

    Why would she think starving people would be metabolically healthy? By definition, someone who is *starving* isn’t healthy. Is it because starving people are *thin*?? And in her starved mind, thin = high metabolism? That’s some head-desking there.

    “Damage” might be a hard word to use, incidentally … I prefer “adaptation,” because the body is adapting to get by in hard times by slowing one’s metabolism. After all, it can often (usually?) be reversed.


    I dont want to offend you,but wow…..what an ignorant person!being lean probably in her mind correlates with being healthy&having good metabolism. These people are actually thin bc they dont have food to eat and body is maybe functioning on stresshormones.

    As for eating more. To lose weigth…..she probably wants an ‘example’ from her own dietary scene….
    Show her some of the vids from freelee (raw vegan from 30bad) on youtube who eats more than 3000calories daily and is railthin.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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