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    T Will

    I’ve been watching some old westerns lately and let me tell you, I would be worthless in a gun fight. Just call me Shakes McGee. I can’t hold anything very steady and once I start thinking about it, it usually gets worse.

    Anybody else have this and helped it out while raising their metabolism? I’ve always had a dream of packing around a six-shooter and being a gun slinger for hire.


    The only time I had issues with shaky hands was when I was drinking lots of alcohol. A few beers would usually sort it out. I guess its something to do with the nervous system?
    My guess is that most gun slingers would have been on the turps?

    T Will

    Yeah, in most of the old westerns they would kick back 5 shots in one scene. And they would be constantly drinking the entire movie.
    I don’t drink as often as I used to, but a drink or two does seem to ease the shakiness.
    It’s not a problem, I just have always liked to hold things out at an arms length and see how steady my hands are. Sometimes they are bad, so maybe something is just stressing out at the time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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