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Strangest shit you used to eat…

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    Whats the strangest thing you have eaten thinking it was in the name of health?

    I used to eat Flax Pudding concoction… I somehow believed I was doing myself a favour.

    IF I remember correctly it was Flax Meal, Choc Whey Protein, and hot water… Mix it up into a chocolaty gunk that tasted pretty good.. when I think about it now.. Yuck!


    Off the top of my head: all protein shakes and bars. I’m kinda pissed how much money I spent on that crap too!

    While not necessarily strange at all, when I was a low carber, I would eat canned tuna with dill relish and nothing else for meals. Usually 2 to 3 cans with globs of dill relish. Like I said, not strange, but to just eat that for meals and snacks…strange.

    If I can remember anything else, I’ll reply again.


    Many years ago I mixed psyllium husk fiber with water and drank it every day. It made my stomach hurt a little and gave me gas but I thought I was doing good.


    This may not count as eating, but when I was low carb I used to drink black coffee with coconut oil in it… Now that I think about it, that is absolutely disgusting.

    I used to also eat fried avocado, fried in coconut oil or butter.


    +1 on the pysillium husks in water. Ew.

    Unflavored whey protein powder in water.

    Microwaved eggs whites with cold black beans and salsa all mixed together in tupperware (a la Tim Ferriss’s famous 3 minute breakfast for the Slow Carb Diet.) *Shudders*


    Curiouscoconut, I feel you. I used to mix a can of tuna with some yellow mustard and eat it. Best part is that I don’t even like either of those things.

    OH and I made crackers out of psyllium husks and water! I mean… Wow. That’s right up there with sugar free jello… Which was another favourite of mine come to think of it. If the food you’re eating has no actual caloric value, can you even still call it eating? You’re really just pretending to eat.


    ++1 TO both heather and SalubriousU?on the psyllium “thang”?My go-to “porridge” was a m?lange of psyllium husks?water..cinnamon that I would concoct to a “spoonable”..snot/mucous consistency?and enough to actually “fill” the small bowl to a level where others “imagined” I was actually eating a hot breakfast cereal?Also?..yep..small cans of tuna and tomato pur?e, harissa or grainy mustard?Nori sushi wrappers “toasted”?usually burned! the oven?x?res vinegar on EVERYTHING?Sugar-free jello?bone-broth gelatins with madeira ?Sigh..concoctions which only signal our search for satisfaction in our food choices’so we seek out “spice” or tongue “wow” factor/novelty/surprise but they are often bizarre choices..or “evasion choices” as to what we are truly yearning for?a sense of “normalcy” and listening to our inner cues as to what we really want/need.

    (I also had a short stint of doing my instant/no-thought dinner “wrap”?raw cabbage leaves..smeared with grainy or Dijon mustard..sprinkled with powdered garlic, tarragon, and shallots?rolled and consumed)..Yes?definite non-honoring..non-eating behavior!)


    I would glug the nastiest tasting (and texture!) concoction of cranberry juice and berry flavored rice protein powder. I was vegetarian for three years and felt it was the only way I could get enough protein in my diet.

    In my early teens my mom put me on weight watchers and I’d eat plain yogourt (healthy!) mixed with sugar free aspartame-crap vanilla pudding mix (not so healthy!) and let it “set” overnight. I’d eat it topped with canned unsweetened pineapple chunks. That one was actually quite tasty… but strange too…


    Let’s see…that depends on which phase you might have caught me in… How about the master cleanse? Anyone? Not sure which was worse- the lemon juice,maple syrup,cayenne pepper flavored water or the heavily salted gagalicious jug of water that I’d drink first thing in the morning to intentionally trigger diarrhea.


    oh joyous day, i’ve found my weird food eating tribe, yess!!!!
    okay i might be the queen of weird of food eating here, as by age 12 i was already given the nickname of “condiment queen” during my infamous “red food only” phase where i only consumed ketchup, strawberry sauce, and any other condiment that was red…. i was a fucked up kid. by age 14 i was full swing into weird food and concoctions, all made in this stupid tea cup. of course i thought if i kept the weirdness in a tea cup, it was not as weird. whatever, blargh!

    The Teen Years Phase: teenage angst in food formations.
    yeah, so my teen years concoctions were basically: ketchup mixed with spices and mustards and relishes, eaten out of my cup. i would take baby carrots or other small foods and dip them in there, but mainly just eat the mixture. also made a daily sludge of grape nuts mixed with slim fast, choc powder, vanilla yogurt, and skim milk.. sometimes raisons would join the fun.
    The turbulent i-don’t-give-a-fuck-i-hate-you phase: my 20’s consisted of even more bizarre, maniacal crap like siracha soup, which was just ketchup and siracha, thinned out a bit, and i’d eat big bowls of it with various small foods for variety and something to chew. on a healthy day, i’d have a bit of coffee with tons of fat-free creamers, 8 spoons of brown sugar and syrup.. with an egg white. of course.
    The thirties… finally seeing the light… and it’s purple haze phase:
    So now i’m in the middle of my 30’s. I began this with overloading my brain with every food fad from paleo to fruitarian and tried them all. I was Fit for Life when I was 16 during a small health kick, so decided i need a fresh start… oh how delusional i was. the main ‘healthy’ concoction of the 30’s always involved nut butter, coconut or MCT oil, flax or psyllium husks or both, honey, molasses, salt, more nuts, some random protein powder, beef gelatin, and a dash of cinnamon and tumeric of course!
    Right now my concoction is a giant banana, date smoothie withe extra sugar because whatever, i crave sugar. after years of hating myself for it, i’m jumping in. let’s see what happens!


    I used to bring a bag of frozen chicken breasts to work and just heat them in the microwave. Then I would spear it with my fork and go all Neanderthal on it. Yuck! No salt,pepper,condiments, or anything!


    Chocolate protein pudding.. check.

    I would have stepped off the roof of a building for a cookie.


    Turnips with sardines – for breakfast. Oh my god.


    Cooked rice wrapped with low fat process cheese. Back in the 80’s in my teenage years when low fat was all the rage.

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