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    I read this , this a.m.

    He said he only managed to do 30 minutes of P90x and an ER trip with near kidney and liver failure were his answer. The thing is, the guy is fairly young and healthy looking. In the article (yes, a Daily Mail articel, aka ‘the paper’), it notes that this is not uncommon even in otherwise healthy, young people.

    Watch out for that coca-cola colored urine!

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    Matt Stone

    The book I’m co-writing with Dr. Garrett Smith has a section written by him about Rhabdo. He’s seen his fair share of it as a long-term competitive powerlifter and personal trainer (he even trains people who compete in Crossfit games and shit like that). He’s had a couple of trips to ER for it himself. It’s funny and awesome – basically trashing the fitness community that is so obsessed with extremely intense bouts of exercise. In some circles Rhabdo is seen as a rite of passage of sorts. Like you ain’t tough if you’ve never pushed yourself to that point, haha. I will watch out for Coke urine indeed!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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