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    stress management Why is it important and how can we do it?
    Stress is an experience that everyone faces in their daily life. It can be caused by many reasons, such as a stressful job. Anxiety about the future or unexpected events When stress becomes excessive or is not managed properly It can cause health problems, both physical and mental. BCR99TH has collected information to learn and understand stress. And how to deal with it is therefore very important.
    1. Get to know stress
    Getting to know your stress is an important first step. Stress doesn’t just mean suffering. It is a normal phenomenon in life that everyone will encounter. When we know this Understanding that it is a part of life that must be passed. It will help us to have a positive attitude towards it.
    2. Time management
    Time management is important to reduce stress. Setting the appropriate schedule and get enough rest It will help relieve pressure and bring balance to your daily life.
    3. Exercise
    Physical activity has a positive effect on mental and physical health. Exercise increases levels of stress-relieving chemicals like andorphins and serotonin.
    4. Using breathing techniques
    Controlling your breathing can help your body relax and reduce stress. Practicing deep, slow breathing techniques can be effective.
    5. Creating a support system
    Sharing your feelings and problems with someone you trust, such as family, friends, or someone with expertise. Helps build an important support system for managing stress.
    6. Developing problem-handling skills
    Troubleshooting and understanding the roots of stress can help reduce chaos and provide a basis for happiness.
    7. Adjusting expectations
    Excessive or unexpected expectations can be a precursor to everyday stress. Learning to adjust oneself in unexpected or complex situations And dealing with disappointment helps us stay balanced and able to relax in challenging situations.
    8. Awareness and Consciousness
    Good awareness of our feelings and the environment in which we are. Including being mindful of your emotions and thoughts. It helps us to have a greater understanding of ourselves. and allows us to deal with stress more effectively
    9. Getting Help
    Letting others know about your feelings and the stress you are experiencing. and asking for help when needed It will help give people around us the opportunity to understand and support us.
    10. Developing observation skills
    Observing what we do in our daily lives and recognize situations that cause us to feel stressed It is about allowing us to be aware and adapt to places that make us mentally stronger.
    Managing stress isn’t something you can do right away. It is a process that requires time and effort. But taking action and developing stress management skills will have long-term effects on both our physical and mental health. Managing stress does not mean ignoring or avoiding it. But it is learning that will allow us to change and approach life with flexibility and balance. When we can manage stress effectively We will be able to be happier and have a better quality of life.

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