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Success stories? (and a lot of background info)

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    I just finished Matt’s new book a few days ago. I’ve been dieting since the age of 10 (I’m 37 now) when I gained a few pounds after a stressful move across the country and was immediately put on special meal replacement shakes and given a workout VHS tape called “Get in Shape Girl” (gotta love the 80s). I’m currently about 40-50 pounds overweight even though I’ve been moderately Paleo for the last 2 years (with some “cheats” for ice cream and alcohol while on vacation). It made so much sense and seemed to be the answer I was searching for since years of Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem (and of course excessive cardio) always resulted in regaining the weight. But after initial success, I found I had to be VERY strict in order to even maintain my initial weight loss. So strict that I’d cut out dairy, grains, sugar, alcohol, and my enjoyment of food (and I still wasnt’t losing weight!) I have read just about every health and nutrition book on the market and have tried just about all of them. I’m no rookie. To be honest, I read the first Diet Recovery book awhile back and thought it was nonsense. But several months later and even more defeated I read Matt’s new book with an open mind. It makes a lot of sense…and honestly, I don’t have much to lose. I’m at a roadblock. My kids think I’m the anti-fun when it comes to food. I even hate what I make for dinner these days (ground beef with asian vegetables and coconut aminos..mmmmm….). I’m tired, I have some random rash in my armpits, my hair is falling out, I’m exhausted but then have trouble sleeping.

    So, to my question. Are there any “success stories” of people raising their body temperature, gaining health and then losing most of the weight? Overall health is my goal, but it would help my motivation immensely if I knew there might be a glimmer of hope that I would’t spend the rest of my life carrying around all this extra weight. I don’t aspire to “skinny” but not being clinically obese would be nice for a change.

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    Well, Berry, I don’t know if you count this as a success but I have had a lot of benefits eating for heat for only the last 3 months. I began this approach because I have recently had a baby but got a lot of side effects which I couldn’t place and had an underlying concern about hypothyroidism which in an extreme form runs in my family.

    I won’t pretend my waking temperature is ideal yet but it’s up to 36.3c from under 35, sometimes a lot under. Because of the thyroid risk temperature is my main concern. At times throughout the day I’m up as far as 36.8. I will keep tweaking things until I reach 37, hopefully, in the mornings.

    A month in to refeeding (I did a month of refeeding on wholesome food) I had sprouted lots of thick new hair on my hairline and got my period back.
    I wasn’t worried about the period because I am breastfeeding but it’s return must be a good sign. I also have much better skin and overall hair condition, and I suffer from virtually no stress where this was an issue for me. Instead of attempted murders with PMS I just feel tired for a couple of days!
    I have put on about a stone, which ordinarily wouldn’t be an issue, but I was already over 2 stone up from pregnancy. I am heavier than ever but I think that when I wean my son this will go.

    Knowing what I know now I am less worried about returning to a low weight. I believe that my symptoms and low metabolism were due to the toll of pregnancy and breastfeeding on inadequate calories and too much liquid. I used to eat really “healthily”, plenty of fruit and veg, complex carbs like brown rice, rye bread, lots of water, barely any sugar as routine (obviously not a total purist as I did have treats) and absolutely no salt. I could eat til I was full but not take in enough calories with this sort of food, at the moment I need more. I expect my bones, muscles and teeth were being compromised to grow and feed my baby.
    The weight gain will have gone towards repairing my body, I am sure of this because after 2 months eating for heat my belly bloated up in a very unusual way for me, and now it has shrunk down and I am gradually getting smaller all the time, but my weight hasn’t changed!

    I am very happy with gradual changes like this, a friend of mine lost 4 stone on weight watchers after having kids but did it so quick that she now has saggy bits all over :(

    A big part of this approach is relinquishing control over your body to your body. If you follow the in-built cues such as hunger, cravings and thirst you’ll almost certainly reach the point where your body is ticking over and won’t need to store much extra weight. I think most people override these cues with funny eating habits and cultural ideas related to body image which tell us that cravings for rich food are sinful or whatever. I say go for it, and enjoy.
    love, crinkly

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