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Sudden Surge in Appetite – Extreme Hunger

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    For the last few weeks I’ve hit a nice equilibrium where I’ve eaten to appetite and I’ve been eating roughly the same amount of food every day because I have been following my appetite.

    All of a sudden the last couple of days my hunger has shot up to extreme levels. This is a pain in the ass because I just don’t have enough food laying around to take care of the hunger.

    Two Questions.
    1. Why would my body’s hunger mechanism all of a sudden request an increase in calories?
    2. My favorite food right now is philly cheesesteak pizzas which I order a couple of times a month as a treat. Should I start eating these every day in addition to my normal diet until my body stops requesting an excessive amount of food?


    Heres an article on extreme hunger from

    Feed the hunger. Listen to your food cravings. Happy eating!

    mighty m

    Hi pals,

    NYC, probably happening because your metabolism just jumped up. I find the increases in metabolism/hunger occur in a stepwise fashion, rather than steadily for me.

    I’ve been experiencing this as well this month, as I’m a grad student and the semester just started. I’ve gone from 2-3 miles of walking a day (mostly by choice) to 5-8 (!) miles per day, pretty much by necessity, carrying a lot more stuff and under more stress and pressure. My hunger has gone thru the roof! From 3000+ kcal a day to some days I need that much by 1pm to not eat my arm off.

    I’ve followed the YE advice to just keep eating. The first week was lots of adrenaline & I didn’t eat enough and probably even ran a deficit … That week, I went up a clothes size in bloating in 1 week! Also had return of insomnia — ie, waking up hungry. Fixed that with a big milkshake right before bed (my favorite food).

    I think I’m still in a pretty deep energy deficit from my 8 mo long paleo misadventure, Sept-May. Been eating lots since June; my appetite came roaring back as soon as I let it. Many benefits, one detriment is some bloating and 20-30# weight gain over paleo (but only 10-15# over pre-paleo), but my BF insists I look better, even though I am now well “overweight.”

    mighty m

    (BTW, those walking totals include ALL my daily steps, as measured by a pedometer. So not as much as it might seem at first … I’m not doing any 8 mile hikes per se, just lots and lots of 1/2mile and 1-mile jaunts on busy days.)


    I’m glad to hear that it’s normal for appetite to increase in a stepwise fashion.

    In addition to my normal daily diet, I’ve added a couple of big slices of pizza a day from the pizza joint around the corner. This has been doing the trick but it’s pretty expensive. $6 per day * 30 days per month is $180 per month. I really want to find a cheaper source of calories that are as easy as grabbing two slices of pizza. Maybe Rice Crispies and whole milk?


    Here’s an idea for you then, NYC, try making a cheesecake. there’s an easy way to make one just using soft cheese, cream and biscuits. I live in the UK so my recipe might not make sense to you, but I’m sure you have philadelphia- style soft cheese available to you and that’s the main ingredient.

    whiz up 15 digestive biscuits in a food processor (or put in a bag and bash with a rolling pin) and add enough butter to make a breadcrummy texture then press into a dish, ideally a springform tin. (If you’re using the bag method, melt the butter)


    300g soft cheese
    lemon zest and juice (unwaxed)
    drops of vanilla extract
    90g icing sugar (or to taste I prefer mine “savoury”)
    mix these til smooth

    whip 300ml cream (I use double, think it’s heavy for you) and fold in to above mixture, then spread mixture all over base and chill overnight (or for a few hours at least)

    You can put on any extra toppings you feel like.

    This is so easy and cheap and really hits the spot, plus it gets your temps soaring. This costs me about ?1.50 for 6 huge or 8 good servings


    This step-wise increase in hunger is vexing me. I increased my calories and I was fine for about a week. Now I got another sudden increase in hunger again.

    I had the following today so far and it is only a little past 8 PM.
    1. Oatmeal with walnuts and butter (Made with 1 cup of dried oats)
    2. Cup of Nile Lentil Soup
    3. Handful of pistachios
    4. Macaroni & Cheese (1 cup of dried rice elbows, chevre cheese, butter)
    5. Square of Dark Chocolate
    6. Four Eggs scrambled in coconut oil mixed with butter and chevre cheese
    7. Packet of almonds, 4 Brazil notes, handful of pumpkin seeds with melted butter
    8. Small glass of Heavy Cream (around 750 calories worth)
    9. Two bowls of Whole Foods Rice Krispies with Whole Milk
    10. Half Glass of whole milk (To finish up the milk)

    Now I feel satisfied but now full. I still kind of feel a lingering weak hunger in my belly but it is not too bad. I feel good, relaxed, and content right now but annoyed that I have to eat so much food to satisfy my appetite. I don’t even like eating that much, I feel like its a waste of time and I get annoyed when I get hungry.


    Are you female? I’ve noticed that in certain times of my cycle, I get crazy hungry. Specifically around ovulation. I could eat the world lol!


    I am Male.


    Possibly relevant info:
    1. 40 Year Old Male
    2. Nice Body overall except bloated potbelly that makes me look like a pregnant male (Early Stage).
    3. Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver
    4. Went Ketogenic End of 2011, 2012 – felt great at first but ended up feeling like shit but had flat stomach while feeling like shit.
    5. Tried refeeds a couple of times previously but failed because my stomach was blowing up really fast. I panicked and started restricting calories to get rid of the stomach.
    6. When I restrict calories my face looses fat and I look older. When I eat a lot of food my face fills out and I look younger.
    7. Figured out that sugar makes my stomach blow up fast – I believe that this is related to my fatty liver
    8. In present refeed I’m getting the majority of my carbs from starches and not sugar. My stomach is not shrinking during this refeed but its not blowing up really fast like in previous attempts that included sugar.
    9. Quit Ketogetnic Diet mid 2012 because I felt mentally and physically unhealthy

    Goal with refeed:
    I believe that I damaged my body by going ketogenic and restricting calories to get rid of my belly although I was not fat anywhere else in my body before I went ketogenic. I also now have elevated liver enzymes that seemed to start elevating during my ketogenic diet. I believe that by eating all the food my body wants with good amounts of fat/protein/carbs my body will heal the damage that I have done.

    I am also hoping that eventually my bloated potbelly will go away and the weight will evenly redistribute around my whole body. I don’t care if I carry excess weight as long as it is evenly distributed and not concentrated in my stomach area.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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